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After kidnapping, torture of young girl, another lawsuit filed against a W.C. Bryant Elementary employee

By Dee Thompson | Jan 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A new civil lawsuit has been filed against a school employee who allegedly allowed a child to be kidnapped from an elementary school in 2013, leading to the girl's torture.

Mifflin County agrees to pay $100K to mother who says she was wrongly accused of child abuse

By Dee Thompson | Jan 16, 2018

HARRISBURG – A mother who alleged she was falsely accused of abusing her minor child has reached a settlement with Mifflin County and other individuals.

Philly judge voids third-party funding in NFL concussion litigation, but company hopes N.Y. colleague disagrees

By Dee Thompson | Jan 11, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia federal judge says agreements in which RD Legal Funding advanced money to plaintiffs in the pending NFL concussion litigation are void, but the attorney representing RD Legal has asked a judge in New York to ignore that finding.

Wrongful death case against Citizen Care group home over choking death remanded to trial court

By Dee Thompson | Dec 28, 2017

HARRISBURG – The dismissal of wrongful death lawsuit arising from the accidental choking death of a mentally disabled man has been affirmed by the state Superior Court.

Superior Court upholds nonsuit ruling in Equitrans royalty dispute case

By Dee Thompson | Dec 21, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of a case in which a couple accused Equitrans of failing to abide by the terms of an oil and gas lease.

Ligonier Law must pay unemployment to disabled ex-legal assistant

By Dee Thompson | Dec 21, 2017

HARRISBURG – A disabled legal assistant has been awarded unemployment compensation by the Commonwealth Court, which affirmed the award of the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review after finding her termination was not voluntary.

Appellate court upholds jury verdict against Archdiocese of Philadelphia in defamation case

By Dee Thompson | Dec 5, 2017

HARRISBURG – A defamation case against the archdiocese of Philadelphia has been decided in the favor of the teacher who sued. The Catholic school teacher was accused of helping her students cheat on standardized tests.

Appellate court upholds ruling in dispute over ownership of Syrian Orthodox Church property

By Dee Thompson | Nov 24, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has upheld a lower court's ruling in an ongoing dispute between two warring factions of the Syrian Orthodox Church both seeking to establish who legally owns the St. Mary’s Knanaya church property in Philadelphia.

Rite Aid seeks to dismiss complaint over prescription pickup calls, claims exemption under TCPA

By Dee Thompson | Nov 2, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – Rite Aid has filed a motion to dismiss the complaint of a woman who claims the drug store violated her rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by calling her cellphone repeatedly without her consent.

Defendants: GOLO suit attempting to use law 'as a tool for suppressing speech'

By Dee Thompson | Nov 2, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – Defendants in a lawsuit filed by weight loss company GOLO LLC allege GOLO’s claims are an attempt to suppress free speech, among other accusations.

Superior Court dismisses Geico appeal in uninsured motorist claim

By Dee Thompson | Oct 26, 2017

HARRISBURG — The state Superior Court has dismissed as moot an appeal Geico filed in a case involving an uninsured motorist claim and ordered a lower court to dismiss the appellee's case.

Superior court sends Discover Card case back to trial court

By Dee Thompson | Oct 5, 2017

Debra Collins claims she was never properly served with the lawsuit filed against her in 2009 by Discover Card, and the Superior Court of Pennsylvania has now sent the matter back to the trial court.

Metallic Ladder Manufacturing denies ladder is defective in answer to injury suit

By Dee Thompson | Sep 29, 2017

PITTSBURGH – A ladder company has been sued for manufacturing an allegedly unsafe product, but it insists the man who fell was responsible for his own injuries.

Settlement proposed in Bayada Home Health Care case filed by parents alleging battery of child

By Dee Thompson | Sep 19, 2017

LANCASTER – A settlement has been proposed in the case of a nurse who allegedly struck a care-dependent child in her care.

Aronimink Golf Club loses lawsuit against DuPont over damage to trees

By Dee Thompson | Sep 6, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – A venerable Newtown Square golf club that sued DuPont claiming damage to its trees has had its claim dismissed.

Navient, fighting federal agency, has dismissal argument rejected

By Dee Thompson | Aug 24, 2017

HARRISBURG – Student loan giant Navient has failed to get a dismissal of the lawsuit filed against it in Pennsylvania by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Superior Court rules against man fighting murder conviction who sued his lawyer

By Dee Thompson | Jul 24, 2017

HARRISBURG – The state Superior Court has affirmed a lower court's granting of summary judgment to an attorney sued for malpractice by a prison inmate he had formerly represented.

Whistleblowing doctor to face arbitration of termination case

By Dee Thompson | Jul 20, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – A whistleblowing doctor who complained about her employer treating a chiropractor as a licensed physician has seen her opponents win their court appeal that will send the dispute to arbitration.

Appellate court backs Pottstown Memorial in wrongful death case

By Dee Thompson | Jul 20, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – A woman who sued Pottstown Memorial Medical Center on behalf of a friend who died there has lost her court battle, with the state Superior Court ruling June 30 the lower court didn’t abuse its discretion about what medical evidence to allow.

Internet delay causes appeal to be filed too late; Man had tried to submit it with 14 seconds to spare

By Dee Thompson | Jul 11, 2017

HARRISBURG – A man who waited until 14 seconds before the deadline to file his unemployment appeal has lost that appeal at the Commonwealth Court.

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