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Damages sought from Alco Parking Corp. over concussion allegedly caused by parking gate

PITTSBURGH – An Allegheny County couple alleges the wife suffered a concussion after being struck by an automated parking gate at a garage in Pittsburgh.

Suit filed against Gaydos-Behanna Kennel after minor bitten by cat

PITTSBURGH – A Glassport minor and his parent are seeking damages from an animal control agency after the minor was bitten by a cat later determined to be infected with rabies.

Shareholder files fraud allegations against Andora Cranberry LLC, Hilltop Holdings Inc.

PITTSBURGH – A Belle Vernon man alleges a limited liability company breached its operating agreement.

Wexford man alleged to have defaulted on loan

PITTSBURGH – A Wexford man is alleged to have failed to repay a loan.

Woman alleges she fractured foot in fall at Tequila Cowboy Bar & Grill

PITTSBURGH – A Glenshaw woman alleges an uneven floor caused her to fall at a Pittsburgh establishment.

Patient alleges White Oak doctor caused injuries

PITTSBURGH – A McKeesport woman alleges a White Oak physician caused her injuries.

Eisler Landscapes Inc. alleged to have performed defective work

PITTSBURGH – The owners of a Pittsburgh property allege a landscaping contractor performed defective work.

Galanter Tomosovich alleges it is owed more than $40,000 for services provided

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh law firm alleges it is owed for legal services it provided.

IPEG Inc. alleges it is owed more than $50,000 for equipment

PITTSBURGH – A Cranberry Township business alleges it is owed for equipment it delivered to an Illinois company.

TMS International alleges former employee is interfering with current workers

PITTSBURGH – A Glassport company alleges a former employee residing in McKeesport has interfered with its business.

McDonald's customer claims dirt was in hamburger

PITTSBURGH – A Valencia woman alleges she was served a contaminated hamburger at a Pittsburgh McDonald's.

Worker alleges unsafe environment at Pittsburgh project caused fall, wrist fracture

PITTSBURGH – A Mars man alleges he was injured while working on a Pittsburgh construction project.

Woman alleges she sustained knee injury in fall at Sojourner House Moms

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh woman alleges she fell in a business because of the state of the floor.

Driver alleges injuries after rear-end collision in Wexford

PITTSBURGH – A Cranberry woman is seeking damages from a Pittsburgh driver after a collision in Wexford.

Dodge Charger has transmission issues, Pittsburgh consumer claims

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh consumer alleges a Dodge vehicle she purchased has issues with the transmission.

Woman alleges fall at Outback Steakhouse fractured knee

PITTSBURGH – A Scottdale woman alleges she was injured at a Monroeville restaurant because of a greasy floor.

Consumer claims Ford vehicle has defects

PITTSBURGH – A Lawrence woman alleges a Ford vehicle she purchased has defects that have not been repaired despite attempts to do so.

Woman files suit against State Farm over underinsured motorist benefits claim

PITTSBURGH – A woman injured in an auto accident has filed a suit against her insurer over allegations it refuses to tender an offer of underinsured motorist benefits for her injuries.

American Wind Transport Group LLC alleged to have failed to pay in full for services

PITTSBURGH – A Louisiana man alleges a Pittsburgh company failed to pay him in full for his services.

Man alleges age, nationality factor in termination from Rice Energy Inc.

PITTSBURGH – A Canadian man residing in Pittsburgh alleges a Canonsburg employer wrongfully terminated him.