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Philadelphia litigants violated care facility's payment agreement, suit alleges

PHILADELPHIA – A local elder care facility’s parent company in Maryland is pursing the recovery of damages it argues it is owed for services rendered, from a mother-son pair of Philadelphia plaintiffs.

Lawsuit: Plaintiff injured in BB&T Center restroom at Chicago and Doobie Brothers concert

PHILADELPHIA – A plaintiff who allegedly sustained serious injuries in a women’s restroom during a concert for Chicago and The Doobie Brothers at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, N.J. last summer is suing the companies that own and operate that venue.

Parking lot customer alleges valet's violent assault and battery left him with permanent spinal injuries

PHILADELPHIA – A man claiming he was violently attacked by the valet of the parking garage where he was returning to pick up his car, has launched an assault and battery lawsuit against the valet and his employers.

Dumpster liquid at Philly apartment complex allegedly injures lawsuit plaintiff

PHILADELPHIA – A slippery liquid outside of an apartment complex dumpster is the proximate cause behind a plaintiff’s injurious fall and subsequent injuries, a new lawsuit states.

Metals processing company pursuing reconciliation of $20K outstanding account balance

PHILADELPHIA – A metal processing company has initiated litigation against a rigging and metals shipping firm in state court, in the pursuit of reconciling an outstanding account balance of more than $20,000.

Scrapped property sale leads to breach of contract suit between Pennsylvania and Texas companies

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia real estate company is pursuing legal action against a Texas lending firm in state court for alleged breach of contract, in regards to a scrapped property sale.

Former UPMC doctor seeks more than $227K in alleged back pay

PITTSBURGH – A former physician at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is seeking well over $200,000 in back pay he feels he is due after being terminated from his employment.

Radiology and MRI companies locked in litigation over $68K in outstanding payments

PITTSBURGH – A Florida radiology firm is suing a Pennsylvania MRI company and its ownership for alleged failure to pay for services rendered from October 2017 to January 2018, committing breach of contract and other offenses in excess of $68,000.

Woman says she fell in produce section of West Mifflin Walmart

PITTSBURGH – A woman allegedly severely injured in the produce section of a West Mifflin Walmart store has initiated legal action against the retail giant in state court to recover damages.

Lawsuit: Defective entrance at Macy's led to plaintiff's severe knee injuries

PITTSBURGH – A recently-filed lawsuit alleges that a plaintiff’s severe knee injuries suffered at a Pittsburgh Macy’s department store were allegedly the result of that store’s defective entranceway condition.

Wife of late country music star Troy Gentry files wrongful death lawsuit against companies involved in his fatal chopper crash

PHILADELPHIA – Angela Gentry, the widow of country music star Troy Gentry, who was killed in a helicopter accident in Medford, N.J. last fall, has filed a survival and wrongful death action in a Philadelphia court against the companies involved in her late husband’s fatal crash.

Man sues former employer after being refused $262K in stock compensation

PITTSBURGH – After allegedly being denied more than $262,000 in stock compensation, a Cranberry Township man has sued his former employer in state court for breach of contract.

Plaintiff says she lost two toes after Walgreens cashier dropped purchase on her left foot

PITTSBURGH – A Walgreens customer has sued the retailer, whose cashier allegedly dropped one of the items the plaintiff purchased on her left foot and caused her to have two of her toes amputated.

Rental property business partner alleges fellow partners committed financial mismanagement

PITTSBURGH – A Maryland landlord who co-owns rental properties in Pittsburgh has initiated legal action against his business partners, for their alleged financial mismanagement of their rental business.

Post-Gazette deliveryman sues homeowner after alleged slip on snow broke leg

PITTSBURGH – A Pitcairn-based newspaper deliveryman is suing the owner and resident of a Pittsburgh property, where he says he was injured in the course of his delivery duties.

Cinema advertising company seeking reconciliation of $113K in outstanding payments

PITTSBURGH – A cinema advertising company has launched legal action against a local advertising agency, claiming the agency owes it outstanding payments in excess of $113,000.

Woman says she slipped and fell at Fox Hollow Condos, sues

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff allegedly injured at a Moon Township condominium complex is suing the complex’s management entity, claiming that defendant is responsible for injuries she suffered in a fall on the property.

Drury Plaza Hotel in Pittsburgh facing lawsuit from allegedly injured contractor

PITTSBURGH – A contractor allegedly seriously injured during a construction project at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Pittsburgh has begun legal action against the hotel and the construction entities it hired, claiming his injuries were the proximate result of their collective failure to make the premises safe.

Parents take minor allegedly responsible for hitting their son in the head with a plastic baseball bat to court

PITTSBURGH – The parents of a teenager who sustained serious physical and psychological injuries as a result of being struck in the head with a plastic baseball bat, have sued the minor child allegedly responsible for inflicting the injuries in question.

A possible financial boost awaits thousands of out-of-state plaintiffs in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA – Though a recent Superior Court ruling has livened plaintiff attorneys as to the potential of winning punitive damages in Philadelphia's packed Risperdal program, one lawyer is cautioning against “banking” on such a possibility.