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Homeowner sues his insurance broker for inactive policy coverage in aftermath of house fire

PITTSBURGH – A Rankin-based homeowner has initiated legal action against his insurance broker after the disputed coverage has not paid off in the aftermath of a residential fire.

Lawsuit: $1.3 million home buyers claim mutual mistake as to Duquesne Light power company wanting to route electricity through plaintiffs' new property

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh couple who paid $1.3 million for their retirement home are seeking full restitution of that payment, claiming a mutual mistake between themselves and the sellers as to not knowing the property was soon to be used by a Western Pennsylvania power company, as part of a route for directing electricity through the placement of high-voltage power lines.

Fatal fire in Pittsburgh results in lawsuit; Plaintiff says her mother burned to death

PITTSBURGH – The proprietors of a Pittsburgh apartment complex that allegedly lacked an emergency sprinkler system are now facing a negligence, survival and wrongful death action from the daughter of a woman killed in a fire there last year.

Construction firm says McKeesport School District owes it more than $325K for project work

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh construction company seeks restitution for costs it says it is owed in connection with a project it completed for the McKeesport Area School District.

West View Borough's alleged lack of maintenance in parking lot leads to plaintiff's broken leg and ankle

PITTSBURGH – A pair of Pittsburgh plaintiffs claim a local municipality was negligent in maintaining the condition of its parking lot, leading to a broken right leg and ankle for one of those same plaintiffs.

Lawsuit: Roto-Rooter's improper diagnosis of sewer line issues led homeowners to incur $6,400 of expenses

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh homeowners who believe that Roto-Rooter improperly diagnosed problems with their sewer lines and incurred more than $6,400 worth of costs for repair work to that effect are seeking restitution in state court.

Pa. Supreme Court declines to hear case involving Super Bowl ticketholders who sued NFL, Dallas Cowboys

HARRISBURG – The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania announced Feb. 8 that it has declined to hear a case brought by Super Bowl XLV ticketholders, who claim they were illegally denied seats they purchased for that football game by both the National Football League (NFL) and the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Lawsuit: Payroll professional defrauded IRS, embezzled $55K to pay for tropical vacations

PITTSBURGH – A new state court lawsuit alleges a commercial payroll professional embezzled more than $55,000 to lavish herself with tropical vacations, instead of submitting a construction’s company payroll taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Lawsuit: Negligent maintenance of defective stairway leads to plaintiff's injuries at her own residence

PITTSBURGH – A local tenant has initiated legal action against her landlord, for severe injuries she claims to have suffered as a result of a dangerously defective stairway entrance nearly two years ago.

Lawsuit involving alleged default on stock sale quickly settled

PITTSBURGH – A recently-filed civil lawsuit concerning an allegedly-defaulted promissory note and a related business transaction involving the sale of stock shares was settled shortly after its filing.

Buffalo bank seeking $25K restitution from Pa. defendants for 1998 loan agreement

PITTSBURGH – A New York-based financial institution is seeking reconciliation of an outstanding loan agreement made to a pair of Western Pennsylvania defendants nearly 20 years ago.

Promissory note's alleged default to civil lawsuit between Virginia firm and Pa. defendant

PITTSBURGH – A loan program group in Virginia is pursuing litigation versus a Bridgeville defendant over the latter allegedly defaulting on the terms of a promissory note.

Lawsuit: Customer receives torn rotator cuff and concussion after accident in J.C. Penney's store

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff who is said to have sustained a torn rotator cuff and concussion after an alleged injurious fall in a J.C. Penney’s department store hair salon, has initiated legal action against the retailer.

Walmart's dangerous floor condition leads to plaintiff filing suit

PITTSBURGH – A Walmart shopper allegedly injured by a raised section of floor space has subsequently sued the Arkansas-based retail giant for damages connected to the injuries he is said to have incurred.

Fallen beverage crates seriously injured customer, suit says

PITTSBURGH – A newly-filed state court lawsuit claims the errant movement of a metal cart in a Shop ‘N Save supermarket is the proximate cause of a plaintiff’s severe knee injuries, which required surgery.

Lawsuit: Visit to Outback Steakhouse results in left knee fracture for plaintiff

PITTSBURGH – A Scottdale plaintiff who allegedly suffered a broken left knee when visiting an Outback Steakhouse has sued the popular restaurant chain for damages resulting from that injury.

Loan program trust seeking over $140K from Pa. defendant

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh resident is facing legal action after allegedly defaulting on the terms of the promissory note extended to them by a professional loan program trust.

Current homeowners say previous property owner failed to disclose water infiltration damages

PITTSBURGH – Allegedly unreported water damages have placed the current and former homeowners of an Elizabeth property on opposite sides of the courtroom in a civil lawsuit.

Condo owner forbidden to rent the unit sues former real estate broker and agent

PITTSBURGH – In a newly-filed lawsuit against his former real estate broker and agent, an owner of a Bethel Park condominium unit says he never would have purchased the property if he had been made aware that he could not rent it out.

Mom blames daycare center for kid's facial injuries

PHILADELPHIA – The parent of a child who allegedly sustained severe facial injuries when enrolled at her daycare facility is pursuing legal action against the daycare’s proprietors.