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City Of Philadelphia withdraws motion for sanctions in slip-and-fall case

The City of Philadelphia has withdrawn its motion for sanctions against a fellow defendant in a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

Plaintiff says PECO hasn't paid $250K settlement

Attorneys for a man allegedly injured by a downed electrical wire are seeking for PECO Energy Company to abide by the terms of a previous settlement, and face sanctions for its alleged non-compliance.

Moose Lodge wants suit over barfight sent to Chester County court

Counsel representing a Moose Lodge in Coatesville and its Chicago-based parent organization are seeking to have a personal injury lawsuit filed against them transferred to Chester County.

Further proceedings slated for settlement enforcement in car crash case

After the completion of an Oct. 9 hearing on settlement enforcement for plaintiffs injured in a car crash on I-76 in Philadelphia, another hearing on the subject has been set to continue those proceedings.

City Of Philadelphia withdraws motion for sanctions against co-defendant

The City of Philadelphia has withdrawn its motion for sanctions directed to a co-defendant in a negligence lawsuit it claims hasn’t abided by orders from the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.

Potential ethics conflict leads counsel to petition to leave auto accident and property damage case

Plaintiff counsel for a motorist injured in a car accident and whose damaged vehicle later disappeared from the property of the tow company that recovered it has petitioned to withdraw from the case.

Communication breakdown with client leads to attorney's withdrawal

The attorney for a plaintiff in a Philadelphia car crash case has motioned to withdraw her appearance due to a complete breakdown of communication with her client.

No response to garnishee interrogatories should result in judgment, plaintiff says

A plaintiff attorney in a slip-and-fall negligence case filed a motion seeking judgments against the action’s garnishees for not responding to interrogatory documents.

Food store chain and contractor desire slip-and-fall case to be sent to Northampton County

Counsel for a defendant named in food store chain’s slip-and-fall negligence case has moved for the case to be transferred to Northampton County, believing the case had no connection to Philadelphia.

Counsel for trucking company, driver seeking negligence case transfer to Lehigh County

Counsel for an Emmaus-based trucking company and their driver involved in a fatal collision one year ago are moving for the case filed against them to be moved to Lehigh County.

Plaintiff attorney looking for settlement for incapacitated client

Plaintiff counsel is looking for the defendants in a motor vehicle accident negligence case to settle with his incapacitated client.

Philadelphia condo association settles with former executive board

A condominium association that sued the members of its former executive board has reached a settlement with the defendants in that litigation.

Plaintiffs in dental firm fraud case withdraw motion for preliminary injunction

The plaintiffs in a pending dental firm fraud case have withdrawn their motion for a preliminary injunction to be levied against the defendants.

Defendants want return of $13K in allegedly overpaid judgment funds

A defendant in a banking debt case wants the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas to note the payment of the judgment, and assist in the return of funds they believe were overpaid.

Defense counsel wants venue transfer, plaintiffs seeking to add outside counsel in circumcision defect case

Motions for preliminary objections and pro hac vice admissions for counsel are on the table in a product liability case, centered on a young boy who allegedly suffered permanent injuries during a circumcision procedure.

Objections for venue transfer filed in chair lift negligence case

A number of preliminary objections relating to venue and claim sufficiency are pending in the case of a plaintiff allegedly injured by a malfunctioning chair lift.

Funeral home sued for outstanding lease fees opposes writ of execution

A Philadelphia funeral home seeks to intervene from a writ of execution placed on its bank account.

Occupant avoids eviction from property sold at Sheriff's Sale, for now

The occupant of a city residence transacted in a Sheriff’s Office sale won a motion to open judgment and stay possession of the property, as the future ownership of the location remains to be decided.

Shareholders in printing company sue former partners, alleging financial impropriety

Plaintiffs in a contract dispute matter are seeking to prevent the transfer of equipment and financial records they need to prove their case through a preliminary injunction and accompanying court order.

Attorneys still want to withdraw from representing client who never came back from bathroom break

After a near month-long continuance, plaintiff attorneys in a motor vehicle crash action have the opportunity for their withdrawal of representation motion to be heard in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.