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Metals processing company pursuing reconciliation of $20K outstanding account balance

PHILADELPHIA – A metal processing company has initiated litigation against a rigging and metals shipping firm in state court, in the pursuit of reconciling an outstanding account balance of more than $20,000.

Scrapped property sale leads to breach of contract suit between Pennsylvania and Texas companies

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia real estate company is pursuing legal action against a Texas lending firm in state court for alleged breach of contract, in regards to a scrapped property sale.

Wife of late country music star Troy Gentry files wrongful death lawsuit against companies involved in his fatal chopper crash

PHILADELPHIA – Angela Gentry, the widow of country music star Troy Gentry, who was killed in a helicopter accident in Medford, N.J. last fall, has filed a survival and wrongful death action in a Philadelphia court against the companies involved in her late husband’s fatal crash.

Current homeowners say previous property owner failed to disclose water infiltration damages

PITTSBURGH – Allegedly unreported water damages have placed the current and former homeowners of an Elizabeth property on opposite sides of the courtroom in a civil lawsuit.

Condo owner forbidden to rent the unit sues former real estate broker and agent

PITTSBURGH – In a newly-filed lawsuit against his former real estate broker and agent, an owner of a Bethel Park condominium unit says he never would have purchased the property if he had been made aware that he could not rent it out.

Mom blames daycare center for kid's facial injuries

PHILADELPHIA – The parent of a child who allegedly sustained severe facial injuries when enrolled at her daycare facility is pursuing legal action against the daycare’s proprietors.

New litigation claims former owners of Philly child care facility owe $97K

PHILADELPHIA – A real estate company is looking to recover more than $97,000 it says it is owed from the sale of a leased property in Philadelphia, one which is currently in use as a child care facility.

Lawsuit: Warehouse wall sensor placement led to plaintiff's accident

PHILADELPHIA – A locally based plaintiff allegedly injured in a fall caused by contact with a sensor extending from the side of a warehouse wall has sued the entities she believes are responsible for her accident.

Former Army football player claims head trauma caused Lou Gehrig's disease, sues NCAA

PHILADELPHIA – A former college football linebacker has launched legal action against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), charging the governing sports body’s alleged negligence in not informing him of the dangers of repeated head trauma led him to develop Lou Gehrig’s disease

Pa. plaintiff says California companies defamed and illegally pursued debt against her

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia woman believes a San Diego company illegally pursued a credit card debt claim against her and violated a number of financial laws in the process, while also having allegedly committed defamation against her and abuse of process.

Landscaping company denies it accepted contractual payment without finishing work

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia landscaping company has denied accusations that it accepted more than $20,000 for various tasks to be performed at a local townhome community and did not complete the work.

Debris from ceiling injures J&J worker, lawsuit says

PHILADELPHIA – A trio of defendants are facing a lawsuit from a Johnson & Johnson employee who allegedly suffered serious head injuries from a fallen ceiling tile and container while seated at his desk.

Mortuary worker says he suffered knee injuries picking up body at Philadelphia International Airport

PHILADELPHIA – A mortuary worker who allegedly suffered serious knee injuries when picking up a body at Philadelphia International Airport has filed a lawsuit against both a cargo transport business and Delta Airlines.

Shopper sues Coca-Cola after some allegedly fell on her at a Dollar Tree

PHILADELPHIA – A woman allegedly injured by a fallen display of Coca-Cola products at a Dollar Tree store in Upper Darby has sued both the major soda company and the discount retailer in state court for damages related to her injuries.

Philly pre-school defaulted on lease agreement, plaintiff charges

PHILADELPHIA – A New York-based landlord is charging a Philadelphia pre-school center with breaching and defaulting on its lease agreement for a space located in a South Philadelphia shopping center.

Lawsuit: Rehabilitation facility's defective bunk bed crushed patient's left hand

PHILADELPHIA – A patient formerly residing in a local rehabilitation facility claims to have suffered a crushed left hand during his stay, due to the hydraulic mechanism of his bunk bed allegedly failing and causing that injury.

Property restoration company at center of breach of contract and unjust enrichment action

PHILADELPHIA – A Croydon homeowner believes a restoration company he hired to rehabilitate his property after a fire has unjustly enriched itself at his expense in a dispute over payments connected to that same restoration work.

Lawsuit results from construction laborer's alleged accident and traumatic brain injury

PHILADELPHIA – A construction laborer who allegedly suffered traumatic brain injury after being struck in the head by an excavator at a job site is pursuing damages in state court.

Roofer's improperly installed skylight led to condo unit's water damage, suit says

PHILADELPHIA – A Bucks County property rental company is taking a local roofing contractor to state court to recover financial damages connected to water mitigation repairs resulting from what it says was an improperly installed skylight.

Lawsuit: Plaintiff entered premature labor due to assault and battery at Family Dollar store

PHILADELPHIA – A plaintiff who suffered an alleged incident of assault and battery at a Philadelphia Family Dollar store, one which she says caused pregnancy complications and her to enter premature labor, has filed suit against the discount retailer and each of its corporate entities for damages.