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Fired physical therapist claims Reliant Pro Rehab engaged in Medicare fraud

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Feb 5, 2019

MEDIA — A physical therapist is suing a rehabilitation facility, citing alleged retaliation and wrongful termination.

Arbitration slated for dismissed church educator's wrongful termination case

By Nicholas Malfitano | Feb 4, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A church educator who believes her pursuit of a Workers' Compensation injury claim led her to be wrongfully terminated will have her case see arbitration in May.

Fired shop supervisor claims he was victim of discrimination, retaliation

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 13, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A shop supervisor has filed a class action lawsuit against PA Office and Closet System Inc., a former employer, citing alleged discriminatory and retaliatory employment practices.

Mobile Outfitters distributor claims company breached terms of contract

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 9, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — An agent is suing Mobile Outfitters LLC and Eric Griffin, mobile phones distributors, citing alleged tortious interference with a contract.

White student claims race discrimination after Thomas Jefferson University denies her application to medical school

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 23, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A woman has filed a lawsuit alleging race discrimination against Thomas Jefferson University, claiming that her application to medical school was rejected because she is white.

Roxborough Memorial Hospital, others allegedly fired 79-year-old man because of his age

By Philip Gonzales | May 16, 2018

An individual is suing his former employers, Prime Healthcare Services - Roxborough LLC d/b/a Roxborough Memorial Hospital, Prime Healthcare Services - Lower Bucks LLC d/b/a Lower Bucks Hospital and Prime Healthcare Inc., for alleged age discrimination and wrongful termination.

Former employee accuses Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission of firing him because he is Indian

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Apr 30, 2018

An individual is suing the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission for alleged racial discrimination and wrongful termination.

Home care worker alleges Sweet Home Healthcare didn't pay adequate overtime

By Louie Torres | Apr 21, 2017

A home health aide is suing Sweet Home Healthcare LLC, citing alleged unpaid wages, violation of applicable minimum wage law and violation of workers' compensation acts.

Former employee claims Kaytee Products terminated him because of his cataracts

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 29, 2016

SCRANTON – A Pottsville man is seeking damages following his allegedly wrongful termination, claiming that it was due to the fact that he had cataracts.

Former employee sues Philadelphia Gas Works over alleged violations of ADA, FMLA

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 7, 2016

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia man is suing his employer after he was allegedly terminated for failure to file personal medical documentation.

Man claims he was terminated by United Healthcare because of his race

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 7, 2016

PHILADELPHIA – A New Jersey man is suing his former employer after he claims that he was discriminated against due to his race.

Man sues Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals after he alleges he was terminated because of his disabilities

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 6, 2016

PHILADELPHIA – A man is suing his past employer after he alleges he was discriminated against and unfairly terminated because of his disabilities.

Woman sues Vantage Foods alleging sexual harassment and discriminatory acts

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 28, 2015

PHILADELPHIA – A Mechanicsburg woman is suing Vantage Foods PA Inc. alleging that she was unlawfully terminated, harassed and discriminated against.

Disabled woman sues Children of America Inc. alleging discrimination

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 4, 2015

PHILADLEPHIA – A Chalfont woman is suing her former employer over unfair discrimination and termination allegations.

Employee sues pizzeria alleging hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime

By Carrie Bradon | Dec 3, 2015

PHILADELPHIA – A former employee is suing a pizzeria claiming that he was deprived of more than 900 hours of overtime pay.

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