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Globus Medical asks court to find that products don't fall under royalty arrangement

By Louie Torres | Dec 30, 2016

PHILADELPHIA -- A Pennsylvania business is suing Sabatino Bianco, a Texas doctor, requesting a declaratory judgment on two products at the heart of a dispute.Globus Medical Inc. 22 in the U.S.U.S

Target Corporation accused of allowing slip-and-fall hazard

By Louie Torres | Jan 19, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — A married couple's lawsuit against Target Corporation alleges negligence in connection with a fall.Horsham residents Randi Logan and Michael Logan filed a complaint on Dec.S.U.S

Analysts say Sierra Club seeks to win delays, not legal battles

By Nancy Crist | Jan 6, 2017

“The idea being, if (they) can inject enough uncertainty in the project, maybe that will make the market and investors and lenders less willing to continue to support the project.S.”

Tax Group Center accused of violating telephone law

By Louie Torres | Feb 8, 2017

PITTSBURGH — A man is suing Tax Group Center Inc., a California corporation, citing alleged violation of telephone harassment statutes.Mark B. The plaintiff holds Tax Group Center Inc

Ken Horn Plumbing accused of wrongful termination

By Louie Torres | Feb 8, 2017

PITTSBURGH — A former employee is suing Ken Horn Plumbing, an employer, alleging wrongful termination.Andrew Voye filed a complaint on Dec. He is represented by Samuel J. Cordes and John E

UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, others accused of negligence in connection with death

By Louie Torres | Feb 8, 2017

PITTSBURGH — A representative of a deceased man's estate has filed a wrongful death claim alleging negligence in medical care. Elizabeth M. D'Loss, executrix of the estate of her husband, Richard R

PA Smartstaff says former employee invented fictitious workers

By Louie Torres | Feb 8, 2017

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania staffing company is suing former employee Matthew Brash, alleging breach of contract and breach of duty. It is represented by Kenneth J. Hardin II of Hardin Thompson, P.C

Life Insurance Company of North America accused of wrongly denying disability claim

By Louie Torres | Feb 8, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — An individual is suing Life Insurance Company of North America, alleging breach of contract.Joseph Mastrangelo filed a complaint on Jan. 24 in the U.S. He is represented by Justin C.C

Agency might issue penalty to EQT before Supreme Court can hear case

By Carrie Salls | Jan 27, 2017

In its Jan. 11 ruling in EQT Production Company v.”The DEP said following the Commonwealth Court ruling that it intended to take its legal battle against EQT to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.’”

Employee alleges hospital violated family leave law

By Louie Torres | Feb 13, 2017

SCRANTON — An employee is suing a York hospital, alleging violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act and wrongful termination.Christine M. Buckley filed a lawsuit Jan. 25 in U.S.U.S

Policyholder alleges Hartford Life breached contract

By Louie Torres | Feb 13, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — A Norristown man suing Hartford Life, alleging breach of contract.Hau-Kay Siu filed a complaint Jan. 27 in U.S. He is represented by attorney Marc H.U.S

Woman blames Full Performance Marine for injuries

By Louie Torres | Jan 25, 2017

HARRISBURG — A woman is suing Full Performance Marine Inc., a James Creek boat dealership, alleging negligence in connection with injuries suffered in a fall.Casey Schubert filed a complaint on Jan.S

Woman blames Hei Hotels LLC for injuries

By Louie Torres | Jan 26, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — A woman is suing Hei Hotels LLC, a Connecticut business, alleging negligence in connection with injuries.Noemi Orozco filed a complaint on Jan. 9 in the U.S.C. in Philadelphia.U.S

Commonwealth Court upholds denial of former Kinder Morgan worker's benefits claim

By Carrie Salls | Dec 1, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled that the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board was right to deny workers’ compensation benefits to a former Kinder Morgan Inc. 14 opinion said

Gun owner's case against Stroud Township remanded back to trial court

By Russell Boniface | Dec 1, 2017

The appellate court ruled Nov...He sought declaratory and injunctive relief against the township.”

Man says Edge Information Management supplied false background report

By Louie Torres | Jan 27, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania man has filed a class action lawsuit against Florida-based Edge Information Management Inc., alleging violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 12 in the U.S.C.U.S

Dun and Bradstreet Short Term Disability Plan and Metlife accused of improper benefit denial

By Louie Torres | Jan 19, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — A man is suing Dun and Bradstreet Short Term Disability Plan and Metlife, alleging breach of contract in connection with disability insurance.Victor Nassar filed a complaint on Jan.S.U

Motorcycle crash victim sues repair shop where his bike was serviced

By Nicholas Malfitano | Mar 17, 2017

Stephen Mebert of Brookhaven filed suit on March 13 in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, against Chester City Cycles of Eddystone. The plaintiff is represented by Leonard

Commonwealth Court sides with amputee making Workers' Comp claim

By Carrie Salls | Mar 21, 2017

Ramp agent lead Modesty Colquitt was driving the cart to meet her mother when the accident occurred on Sept. 2, 2014..."

Carpenters Combined Funds Inc. claims C.F. Bordo owes more than $140,000

By Louie Torres | Dec 19, 2017

PITTSBURGH – A Dunmore construction company is alleged to have failed to pay contributions to a labor union fund.Carpenters Combined Funds Inc. filed a complaint on Dec. 4 in the U.S.F. Bordo Inc.F.U

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