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Bern firm, shut out of opioid litigation spot, says lead lawyers don't represent enough of Pennsylvania

By John O'Brien | Jun 22, 2018

MEDIA – After not being picked to a coveted leadership role in Pennsylvania’s opioid litigation, a Conshohocken plaintiffs firm is pleading with a Delaware County judge to reconsider.

A dissident emerges in Pennsylvania's opioid litigation: Lehigh Co. claims its case has been highjacked

By John O'Brien | Jun 22, 2018

The fight for control of Pennsylvania’s opioid litigation is not over, as Lehigh County is not happy that its case has been grouped in with more than 30 others and that lawyers it previously rejected have been tasked with overseeing the proceedings.

Woman claims that she was injured while evacuating American Airlines plane

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 1, 2018

An individual is suing American Airlines Inc. for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Trans Union LLC, others accused of failing to delete inaccurate credit data

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Apr 16, 2018

A consumer is suing several companies, citing alleged negligent misrepresentation.

Pakistani alleges US Air terminated him due to nationality

By Angelino Menconi | Nov 6, 2015

PHILADELPHIA —A Pakistani customer assistance representative alleges he was terminated from his position with a major airline due to his nationality.

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