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Federal judge boots attorneys from copyright infringement case against McGraw-Hill

Attorneys representing a Lititz-based photography company in a copyright infringement case have been disqualified following a federal judge's ruling earlier this month over the law firm's hiring of a consultant who previously had worked for the defendants in the case.

JBS USA LLC allegedly fired Haitian employee for reporting harassment

A Haitian man is suing JBS USA Holdings Inc. and JBS USA LLC for allegedly subjecting him to discrimination, a hostile work environment and retaliation.

Nissan North America Inc. and No. 1 Cochran Infiniti of South Hills Inc. accused of product liability

Two insurance companies are suing Nissan North America Inc. and No. 1 Cochran Infiniti of South Hills Inc. for alleged design defect, product liability and negligence.

Chipotle Mexican Grill accused of discrimination

An individual is suing Chipotle Mexican Grill for alleged discrimination.

Woman files suit claiming she is sole beneficiary of deceased's retirement plan

PHILADELPHIA — A woman is suing Procter and Gamble Company, Procter and Gamble Retirement Plans and AON Hewitt, citing alleged breach of contract and breach of duty.

Boston Market says Bloomsburg restaurant infringes on trademarks

SCRANTON — A well-known restaurant chain is suing Frank Nashar, Boston Style Chicken and ABC Company, citing alleged copyright infringement and unfair competition.

Denver attorney representing Monessen woman experienced in electric blanket burn litigation

The attorney representing a Monessen woman who suffered first- and second-degree burns to the left side of her face and head allegedly because of a malfunction in her electric blanket has filed dozens of similar cases nationwide.