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Devon Electric Inc. accuses former employee of providing confidential information to Hatzel and Bueheler Inc.

A company is suing Jeffrey T. Cave and Hatzel and Bueheler Inc. for alleged breach of contract.

Navient says it is the victim of a pointless, copycat lawsuit from Pennsylvania's AG

HARRISBURG – Student loan provider Navient has filed a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit brought by the state of Pennsylvania, calling it a copycat lawsuit that is "pointless" and legally deficient.

Cigarette wholesaler says it's owed almost $75K in outstanding fees

PHILADELPHIA – A cigarette wholesaler in Philadelphia is suing a Delaware retailer for nearly $75,000 related to outstanding costs from a number of sales transactions made between the parties.

Navient seeks dismissal of 'piggyback' class action tied to loan repayment

SCRANTON – Navient, the nation's largest student loan company, is asking the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed against it by students who allege that their debt was mishandled, according to a motion filed Sept. 20.

Delaware Supreme Court rules to disbar Pa. attorney for allegedly concealing altered medical records

WILMINGTON, Del. – Among six ethical violations, the Supreme Court of Delaware disbarred a Pennsylvania attorney on Oct. 23 for failing to disclose the presence of altered medical records, records central to the resolution of a medical malpractice litigation which led to a $6.25 million verdict against the attorney’s client.

Navient, fighting federal agency, has dismissal argument rejected

HARRISBURG – Student loan giant Navient has failed to get a dismissal of the lawsuit filed against it in Pennsylvania by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Advanced Oilfield Services LLC accused of violating workers' compensation acts

An employee has filed a class action lawsuit against Advanced Oilfield Services LLC, citing alleged unpaid wages and violation of Workers' Compensation acts.

Class action filed against Navient claiming student loan debt servicer committed fraud

SCRANTON — An individual has filed a class action lawsuit against Navient Corporation, Navient Solutions Inc. and Navient Solutions LLC, citing alleged breach of contract and fraud for its handling of student loan debt.

PNC Bank alleges Florida employee took client info before starting competing wealth management firm

PNC Bank is suing Matthew Pietzak, a former employee of its asset management group, citing alleged breach of contract for taking confidential information before leaving his job.

Bristol-Myers Squibb employee sues his company and Aetna for disability benefits

PHILADELPHIA — A New Jersey man is suing Aetna Life Insurance Company and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, citing alleged breach of contract for denying his disability benefits.

Student loan provider Navient intends to defend against suits brought by US, Illinois, Washington

The country's largest student loan provider and two of its subsidiaries are embroiled in litigation with federal regulators and the attorneys general of Illinois Washington state over alleged failures in how it services its student loan borrowers.

Lawsuits against Navient likely to bring changes in student loan servicing

HARRISBURG – Lawsuits filed by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and two individual states raising allegations tied to student loan servicing will most likely result in a new set of student loan servicing guidelines, regardless of the outcome of the litigation, according to Arant Boult Cummings LLP associate Julie Carter.

Woman claims slip-and-fall injuries at Wal-Mart store

PHILADELPHIA – A woman is suing Wal-Mart over an alleged slip and fall at one of the retail giant’s stores in Philadelphia, where she claims she suffered various severe and permanent bodily injuries.

Suit claims PNC did not pay overtime

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Several people are suing a Pennsylvania financial services company and its subsidiary bank over claims of unpaid overtime compensation.

Brandywine Construction sued after man falls on icy sidewalk

PHILADELPHIA – A Kings County, New York man is suing a construction company following an incident in which he fell and was injured.

Disabled woman sues her insurance provider alleging that she was denied benefits

PHILADELPHIA – A Quakertown woman is suing her insurance provider alleging that her denial of benefits was unlawful.

Companies file suit over claims of ceiling system patent infringement

PHILADELPHIA – Two companies are suing an Ohio business over claims of patent infringement for a ceiling system.