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Philly man says he swallowed razorblade that was in his Chicken McNuggets

PHILADELPHIA – A man who ordered Chicken McNuggets at a Philadelphia McDonald’s restaurant in December 2015 received an added surprise with his order in the form of a razorblade he swallowed, according to the lawsuit he recently filed against the fast food chain.

American Textile Company Inc files motion to dismiss patent infringement claim

PITTSBURGH — American Textile Company Inc. has filed a motion to dismiss against an infringement claim made by Hollander Sleep Products LLC.

Fenner Dunlop says International Conveyor & Rubber, five individuals took trade info

ERIE — A Pennsylvania company is suing International Conveyor & Rubber multiple individuals, alleging that they used proprietary information to solicit customers.

Golomb & Honik faces lawsuit over distribution of attorneys fees

MIAMI – A Philadelphia law firm has been named as a defendant in a Florida firm’s lawsuit resulting from a dispute over distribution of legal fees in a separate case.

Woman claims Bayer, Merck liable for her injuries from drug Avelox

PHILADELPHIA — A consumer is suing drug manufacturing giants, alleging failure to warn, fraud and product liability.

Man alleges drug makers were negligent in selling Avelox

PHILADELPHIA — A consumer is suing Bayer and Merck, drug makers, citing alleged breach of warranty, failure to warn, fraud, liability, negligence and product liability.

Bayer, Merck allegedly failed to warn of potential Avelox effects

PHILADELPHIA — A couple are suing Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Bayer Corporation; Bayer AG; Bayer Pharma AG; and Merck & Co. Inc., citing alleged breach of implied warranty, fraud, liability, negligence and product liability.

Man says he experienced harmful side effects from drug from Bayer, Merck

PHILADELPHIA — A consumer is suing Bayer and Merck, drug makers, alleging breach of implied warranty, failure to warn, fraud, liability and negligence.

Equitrust sues to restrain potential beneficiaries from making competing claims

PHILADELPHIA — An insurance company is suing several potential beneficiaries alleging that the parties, which are making competing life insurance claims to a payout, are opening it up to liability.

Lansdale-area pharmacy says similarly named drugstore infringed trademark

PHILADELPHIA — A pharmacy is suing Shree Navdurga LLC d/b/a Ramsrx Pharmacy and Ramesh Kommineni, citing alleged unfair competition for adopting a similar trade name and failing to change it.

Couple sue Dunkin Donuts in Scranton, others over alleged fall on ice

SCRANTON – A Scott Township couple have sued a Dunkin Donuts, its property owner and an ice/snow removal firm, alleging they committed collective negligence in failing to prevent one of the plaintiffs from falling and incurring a serious back injury.

Safeguards in place, but risk exists with compounded drugs

LEECHBURG – The practice of mixing patient-specific medicines has been around for a long time, but only in recent years has it become big business. The president of the Compounding Pharmacists of Western Pennsylvania warns that the practice is not without risks, however. 

Licensing restrictions and usage rights at the heart of Houghton-Mifflin copyright case

PHILADELPHIA — It can be difficult for companies with large numbers of images to keep track of the licenses they have for each, but they have a legal responsibility to do so, according to an advocate for simplifying image rights management.

Denver attorney representing Monessen woman experienced in electric blanket burn litigation

The attorney representing a Monessen woman who suffered first- and second-degree burns to the left side of her face and head allegedly because of a malfunction in her electric blanket has filed dozens of similar cases nationwide.

Husband sues Simpson House alleging negligence in the death of his wife

PHILADELPHIA – A New Jersey man is suing a health care agency over claims that its inadequate care was the cause of his wife's death.

Woman sues Community Recycling over allegations of wrongful termination

PHILADELPHIA – A woman is suing her former employer after she claims she was terminated because of her disability.

Silk City diner facing allegations of copyright infringement over music

PHILADELPHIA -- The owners of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania diner and bar were recently sued for alleged copyright infringement related to the public playing of certain songs.

Killion & Sons Well Service allegedly failed to pay workers overtime

PITTSBURGH -- A worker at a Washington County, Pennsylvania oil and drilling company recently filed a class-action suit alleging the business is failing to properly compensate its employees for overtime worked.