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Danville couple blames Outback Steakhouse for bathroom incident

By Philip Gonzales | Jul 12, 2018

WILKES-BARRE — A Danville couple is suing Bloomin' Brands Inc. and Outback Steakhouse, citing alleged negligence.

East Caln Township wants unsightly cell tower removed

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Jun 28, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — East Caln Township is suing wireless telecommunications companies SBA Towers Inc. and SBA Towers II LLC, citing alleged breach of contract.

Man claims Chevy Camaro's engine defects caused fatal accident that sent him to prison for 20 years

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 25, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A Bellefonte man alleges in a civil lawsuit that manufacturing defects in a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro automobile he rented from Hertz led to a tragic accident which claimed the lives of two motorists in April 2012, and further led him to receive an erroneous 20-year criminal conviction for vehicular homicide.

A dissident emerges in Pennsylvania's opioid litigation: Lehigh Co. claims its case has been highjacked

By John O'Brien | Jun 22, 2018

The fight for control of Pennsylvania’s opioid litigation is not over, as Lehigh County is not happy that its case has been grouped in with more than 30 others and that lawyers it previously rejected have been tasked with overseeing the proceedings.

Wasted vegetables and lonely dogs: Property owner files lawsuit over CSX derailment in Bedford Co.

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 20, 2018

PITTSBURGH – An August 2017 derailment of a train hauling toxic chemicals in Hyndman has led to a class action lawsuit against CSX Transportation on behalf of the residents allegedly affected by the wreck and subsequent spill.

Allstate Insurance blames Broan-Nutone for fire at insured's property

By Bree Gonzales | Jun 19, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — Allstate Insurance Co. is suing residential ventilation product company Broan-Nutone LLC, citing alleged breach of warranty and negligence.

Aetna claims Mednax and Pediatrix falsely inflated claims

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jun 14, 2018

HARRISBURG — Four Aetna health insurance companies are suing a group of medical facilities, citing alleged fraud and unjust enrichment.

Judge given Sierra Club's settlement with Talen over Brunner Island power plant

By Karen Kidd | Jun 12, 2018

A federal judge is considering a settlement between environmental advocate Sierra Club and Talen Energy over the company's Brunner Island power plant in York County at which it has agreed to end coal burning.

Metropolitan Life Insurance accused of wrongfully denying disability benefits

By Philip Gonzales | May 29, 2018

An individual is suing Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Tyco Electronics Corporation and Tyco Electronics Long Term Disability Plan, citing alleged wrongful termination of long-term disability benefits.

Central Credit Services LLC accused of using misleading debt collection practices

By Philip Gonzales | May 25, 2018

An individual is suing Central Credit Services LLC, citing alleged misleading debt collection practices.

Narragansett Bay Insurance Company accused of wrongfully denying coverage for water damages

By Philip Gonzales | May 10, 2018

A property owner is suing Narragansett Bay Insurance Company for allegedly breaching an insurance contract.

GMD Roofing Inc. accused of negligence after employees allegedly caused fire

By Philip Gonzales | May 9, 2018

An insurer is suing GMD Roofing Inc. for alleged breach of implied and express warranties.

Arbitration hearing slated in recovery of funds matter featuring Allstate Insurance Company

By Nicholas Malfitano | May 4, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – An arbitration hearing is set for this summer in a case featuring Allstate Insurance Company attempting to recover funds it says it expended on behalf of one of its policyholders, when that same policyholder was involved in a serious car crash nearly two years ago.

Superior Court rules that attorney-client privilege applies to emails about deadly wreck in Cumberland County

By Amanda Thomas | May 4, 2018

A Pennsylvania appellate court has ruled that a transportation company doesn’t have to release documents it says are privileged in a case stemming from a deadly, multi-vehicle accident in Cumberland County, according to a decision filed on April 20 in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Mid-Atlantic Mechanical Inc. allegedly failed to pay overtime wages

By Philip Gonzales | May 3, 2018

A plumber is suing Mid-Atlantic Mechanical Inc. for allegedly failing to pay overtime wages.

Bonefish Grill LLC accused of firing employee after she allegedly requested FMLA-protected leave to undergo surgery

By Philip Gonzales | May 1, 2018

A waitress is suing Bonefish Grill LLC for alleged disability discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Lawsuit: Woman's burns were the result of coffee lid error at Philadelphia Dunkin' Donuts

By Nicholas Malfitano | Apr 20, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A local plaintiff believes negligent practices on the part of Dunkin’ Donuts led her to become burned by a cup of hot coffee she purchased, at the drive-thru of one of the restaurant chain’s locations in North Philadelphia.

Ally Financial Inc. allegedly placed around 150 calls without consent to collect debt

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Apr 17, 2018

An individual is suing Ally Financial Inc., a debt collector, citing alleged invasion of privacy and violation of telephone harassment statutes.

EGS Financial Care Inc. accused of harassing woman by allegedly placing around 100 calls to collect alleged debt

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Apr 16, 2018

A consumer is suing EGS Financial Care Inc., citing alleged invasion of privacy and violation of telephone harassment statutes.

Verizon Communications allegedly placed hundreds of calls to solicit services without prior consent

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Apr 16, 2018

An individual is suing Verizon Communications Inc., citing alleged invasion of privacy and violation of telephone harassment statutes.

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