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Guest with disability sues Marriott, says bed was too high

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 30, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A guest with a disability is suing Marriott International Inc., citing alleged negligence and premises liability.

Home Depot worker 'must think all Asian people look the same,' says lawsuit of man accused of theft

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 12, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A case of mistaken identity allegedly led to an Asian plaintiff being assaulted, falsely detained and arrested during his visit to a Home Depot, though counsel for the major hardware store denies such conduct took place.

Florida resident accuses Marriott International Inc. of ADA violations

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 27, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A person with a disability is suing Marriott International Inc., citing alleged disability discrimination.

After failure to follow up filing against Radisson Hotel at Valley Forge, lawsuit may be dismissed

By Nicholas Malfitano | Aug 22, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A lawsuit brought by a Philadelphia woman versus the Radisson Hotel and Valley Forge Convention Center may be dismissed for failure to prosecute.

AARP, United Health accused of fraud

By Bree Gonzales | Aug 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — Two insurance policyholders have filed a class-action lawsuit against AARP Inc, AARP Services Inc, AARP Insurance Plan, UnitedHealth Group Inc, and UnitedHealth Insurance Co., claiming violations of Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, conversion, unjust enrichment, fraudulent concealment and fraud.

Philly's next mass tort? 17 plaintiffs claim Abilify caused them to compulsively gamble, shop, eat and have sex

By Nicholas Malfitano | Aug 20, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Seventeen Pennsylvania plaintiffs have sued Bristol Myers-Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceutical over anti-psychotic prescription medication Abilify, claiming that taking the drug caused them to develop compulsive behaviors such as addictions to gambling, shopping, binge eating and sex.

Wal-Mart argues slip-and-fall plaintiff ignored warning cone, has injury-prone past

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 25, 2018

PITTSBURGH – A man who sued Wal-Mart for negligence after allegedly falling on a wet bathroom floor in one of the retail giant’s stores, is being labeled by defense counsel as a plaintiff with an extensive injury history and one who both disregarded a warning cone placed by the store and could not show the store had prior notice of the wet floor.

Spouse blames Select Medical, doctors for wife's death

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 21, 2018

HARRISBURG — A surviving spouse is suing Select Medical Corp. and other healthcare providers, claiming that insufficient measures were taken to prevent infection and death.

Former Home Depot employee claims he was fired because of mental illness

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 20, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A warehouse associate is suing The Home Depot Inc., citing alleged violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act and wrongful termination.

Man sues Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Fiat Chrysler, alleging Dodge Charger he rented malfunctioned and crashed

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 6, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A Bensalem man is suing Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, claiming a faulty Dodge Charger he rented malfunctioned on the highway and crashed, causing him a number of serious injuries.

Policyholder accuses State Farm and Firstline insurance companies of not covering losses to Brookhaven property

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 4, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A policyholder whose apartment suffered physical loss and damages claims that a pair of major insurance companies have failed and refused to provide her the coverage that was due her in this situation, under those same policies.

Micro Focus US Inc. accused of breaching agreement after it allegedly imposed new terms and conditions on software

By Philip Gonzales | May 24, 2018

A hospital is suing Micro Focus US Inc., a software developer, for allegedly breaching an agreement.

State Farm Insurance accused of wrongfully denying disability benefits

By Philip Gonzales | May 17, 2018

An individual is suing State Farm Insurance Companies Group Health & Welfare Plan for United States Employees and several other insurance providers for allegedly breaching an insurance contract.

Baltimore Veterans Administration Medical Center allegedly failed to provide proper medical care

By Philip Gonzales | May 14, 2018

A patient is suing the Baltimore Veterans Administration Medical Center for allegedly taking insufficient measures to prevent injuries.

Ardmore man settles with State Farm Insurance over payments connected to his accident-related pelvic injuries

By Nicholas Malfitano | May 4, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – An Ardmore man who suffered pelvic fractures in a serious bicycle-automobile crash almost two years ago and who believed State Farm Insurance didn’t properly compensate him with uninsured motorist (UIM) benefits, has settled his litigation.

Policyholder suing State Farm Insurance has case ready for pre-trial conference this summer

By Nicholas Malfitano | Apr 26, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Litigation involving a State Farm Insurance policyholder, who claimed she was improperly denied underinsured motorist (UIM) benefits from her insurance company after an automobile accident that took place in Philadelphia nearly two years ago, has a pre-trial conference this summer.

Meeker Equipment Co. Inc. accused of breach of contract

By Louie Torres | Apr 11, 2018

A company is suing Meeker Equipment Co. Inc. for alleged breach of contract.

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New leadership at the CFPB means state AGs will be more active in financial consumer protection

By Karen Kidd | Apr 10, 2018

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – Some states will be even more active in financial consumer protection enforcement now that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new director has made it clear the bureau will stay out of the way, an expert on state attorneys general said during a recent interview.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court allows state law to apply in out-of-state dispute

By Carrie Salls | Mar 2, 2018

HARRISBURG – The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled in a Feb. 21 opinion that an out-of-state plaintiff can sue a Pennsylvania-based company under Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law (UTPCPL).

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State AGs united for #MeToo, but changing federal law could be slippery slope

By John O'Brien | Feb 24, 2018

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – State attorneys general are united in championing a new cause – abolishing clauses that require sexual harassment claims to be heard in arbitration. But would it set a bad precedent for changing federal law while scoring political points for its supporters?

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