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Consol Energy foreman says Liberty Life Assurance wrongly denied disability benefits

PITTSBURGH — A Kentucky man is suing Consol Energy human resources, Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston, and Liberty administrator Amanda Pipenbacher, alleging breach of contract and violation of Workers' Compensation acts.

Ashland man files class action claiming Dollar General underrecords employee time

PHILADELPHIA — An employee has filed a class-action lawsuit against Dollar General Corporation and Dolgencorp LLC, alleging unpaid wages and violation of Workers' Compensation acts.

Student loan provider Navient intends to defend against suits brought by US, Illinois, Washington

The country's largest student loan provider and two of its subsidiaries are embroiled in litigation with federal regulators and the attorneys general of Illinois Washington state over alleged failures in how it services its student loan borrowers.

Nurse sues Wilkes Barre General Hospital, claims she was forced to admit herself to psychiatric hospital to keep job

SCRANTON – A Dallas, Pennsylvania woman is suing her employer after she claims she was forced to admit herself into a psychiatric hospital in order to keep her job.

Former FedEx clerk believes he was fired for being a whistle-blower

PHILADELPHIA – A former FedEx clerk believes he was in a hostile work environment, which led to his termination, due to reporting a workplace violation to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Silk City diner facing allegations of copyright infringement over music

PHILADELPHIA -- The owners of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania diner and bar were recently sued for alleged copyright infringement related to the public playing of certain songs.