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Lackawanna court rules Norfolk Southern cannot be successor-in-interest for asbestos claim

SCRANTON – The Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County entered a summary judgment on March 24, ruling that Norfolk Southern Railway Co. cannot be subject to liability as a successor in interest to another company in an asbestos lawsuit.

Philly man says he swallowed razorblade that was in his Chicken McNuggets

PHILADELPHIA – A man who ordered Chicken McNuggets at a Philadelphia McDonald’s restaurant in December 2015 received an added surprise with his order in the form of a razorblade he swallowed, according to the lawsuit he recently filed against the fast food chain.

Norfolk Southern worker claims he suffered spinal, nerve injuries from job

SCRANTON — An employee is suing Norfolk Southern Railway Company, alleging negligence and that insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Man holds Norfolk Southern liable for injuries he suffered while welding

SCRANTON — A Ohio man is suing Norfolk Southern Railway Company, alleging liability, negligence and that insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Class action filed against Navient claiming student loan debt servicer committed fraud

SCRANTON — An individual has filed a class action lawsuit against Navient Corporation, Navient Solutions Inc. and Navient Solutions LLC, citing alleged breach of contract and fraud for its handling of student loan debt.

Retired railroad worker loses appeal alleging negligence by Norfolk Southern, Consolidated Rail

PHILADELPHIA — A lifelong railroad worker won’t be able to hold his employer liable for what he claimed were unsafe working conditions that led to long-term injuries.

UPenn cholesterol treatment patents upheld on challenge by Kyle Bass group

PHILADELPHIA — Patents related to two of the University of Pennsylvania’s Juxtapid high-cholesterol treatment methods were upheld by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board after they were challenged by hedge fund manager Kyle Bass’ Coalition for Affordable Drugs.

United States accuses Arch Insurance of contract breach

HARRISBURG — The United States is suing a Jersey City insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

Plaintiffs claim Aeropostale's website violates the ADA

PITTSBURGH – A visually impaired man and woman are suing Aeropostale Inc. alleging that the company's website is inaccessible to visually impaired customers.

Visually impaired customers sue Estee Lauder for failure to comply with ADA regulations

PITTSBURGH – Certain visually impaired customers are suing Estee Lauder, alleging that the company failed to make its websites accessible to them.

Nonprofit sues Ace Hardware Corp. claiming failure to comply with disability regulations

PITTSBURGH – A not-for-profit organization is suing Ace Hardware alleging that the company failed to comply with certain Americans with Disabilities Act standards for Internet sites.

Blind woman sues Fry's Electronics over alleged inability to access website

PITTSBURGH – A visually impaired woman has filed a class-action lawsuit against an electronics retailer alleging that its website is inaccessible to visually impaired people.