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Nursing home seeks to enforce arbitration agreement against late woman's estate that sued it in Delaware Co.

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jun 18, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A healthcare provider is suing a representative of a former resident, citing alleged breach of contract.

Micro Focus US Inc. accused of breaching agreement after it allegedly imposed new terms and conditions on software

By Philip Gonzales | May 24, 2018

A hospital is suing Micro Focus US Inc., a software developer, for allegedly breaching an agreement.

Judge denies motion for protective order in lawsuit involving Pennsylvania, West Virginia hospitals

By The Penn Record | Sep 18, 2017

PITTSBURGH – A judge has denied a motion for protective order in a lawsuit involving University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and West Virginia University Hospitals.

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts says other hotel made use of 'Hershey's' mark

By Louie Torres | Jun 29, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — A hotel is suing Milestone Hotel Partners, Hershey Hospitality Associates and Milestone Hershey Management for allegedly adopting the plaintiff's mark for their hotel location.

Former employees bring class action against MEC Construction for unpaid wages

By Louie Torres | May 18, 2017

PITTSBURGH — Two former employees have filed a class action lawsuit against MEC Construction LLC, of Mount Morris, citing alleged unpaid wages and violation of Workers' Compensation acts.

Allen Sleep Trend Pad infringes on patent, company claims

By Louie Torres | May 18, 2017

PHILADELPHIA — A New Kensington corporation is suing Allen Medical Systems Inc., a Massachusetts business, citing alleged patent infringement.

SilcoTek says competitor infringed on materials patent

By Louie Torres | Apr 28, 2017

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania company specializing in coating of materials is suing Advanced Materials Components Express LLC, a nearby competitor, citing alleged patent infringement.

Xodus Medical says California firm wrongly accused it of patent infringement

By Louie Torres | Apr 28, 2017

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania corporation is suing Dupaco Inc., claiming it wrongly accused it of patent infringement regarding a medical device.

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