News from October 2011

Alleged assault at gas station leads to injury claim against Hess Corp.

By Jon Campisi | Oct 18, 2011

A Philadelphia gas station that was the site of an alleged assault is facing a lawsuit filed by the victim of the attack.

Doylestown, Pa. couple files injury claim against commercial vehicle owner and driver

By Jon Campisi | Oct 19, 2011

A Bucks County, Pa. man who claims to have sustained serious head, neck and back injuries following a two-vehicle collision two years ago has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company that owned the vehicle and the offending motorist.

Retro Fitness employee files retaliatory discharge, harassment claim

By Jon Campisi | Oct 19, 2011

A Philadelphia woman who alleges she experienced a barrage of sexual harassment at the gym she formerly worked at is suing the business for wrongful termination, claiming she was fired in retaliation for reporting the lewd behavior of one employee to police.

Former Philly police detective files federal complaint over termination and subsequent demotion

By Jon Campisi | Oct 19, 2011

A former Philadelphia police detective has filed a federal complaint against the city, the police commissioner and two psychologists, alleging his initial firing, and subsequent failure to reinstate him to his previous position, was unwarranted.

Federal judge dismisses Phila. District Attorney's Office as defendant in civil claim

By Jon Campisi | Oct 19, 2011

A federal judge in Philadelphia last week granted a motion by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to dismiss it as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a city man who claims he was wrongly arrested on rape charges that were later dropped.

Pa. Supreme Court establishes Twitter feed

By Jon Campisi | Oct 19, 2011

When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reconvened in Old City Hall in Philadelphia’s historic district in mid September, the first time it met there since 1802, it was like the justices took a step back in time.

Ex-waitress sues former employer for wrongful termination

By Jon Campisi | Oct 20, 2011

A Bucks County, Pa. woman who claims she was initially fired from her waitress job of 10 years after acting as a witness against a manager who was discovered having an extra-marital affair with a female employee, but who was later reinstated, only to be fired a second time a year later, has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against her former employer.

Suburban Philly business faces allegations of discrimination and wrongful discharge

By Jon Campisi | Oct 20, 2011

A black man from Philadelphia who claims he was fired from his job as a laborer for a Montgomery County, Pa. company after only four months of employment has filed a federal job discrimination claim against the business and its owner, alleging he was terminated because of his race.

Bucks County, Pa. D.A. sued over alleged illegal police seizure of bail money

By Jon Campisi | Oct 20, 2011

A Philadelphia woman who claims suburban police officers followed her to the bank and seized bail money that was to be used to spring her son and daughter-in-law from jail is suing the Bucks County, Pa. district attorney in federal court.

NAACP and ACLU file suit against Philadelphia over billboard refusal at Philly International Airport

By Jon Campisi | Oct 21, 2011

The NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia Oct. 19, alleging that the city’s refusal to allow a billboard advertising criminal justice reform to be placed at Philadelphia International Airport violates the group’s First Amendment rights.

Phillies '09 World Series celebrant files complaint over wrongful arrest

By Jon Campisi | Oct 21, 2011

A Philadelphia woman who claims she was wrongfully arrested, and subsequently humiliated at having had her arrest broadcast on the local news, has filed a federal civil rights complaint against the City of Philadelphia and one of its police officers.

Former cafe worker who alleged sexual harassment files wrongful termination claim

By Jon Campisi | Oct 21, 2011

A café worker who claims she was fired from her job after complaining to management about incidents of sexual harassment has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer.

Victim of alleged Philly police abuse files federal assault and battery claim

By Jon Campisi | Oct 21, 2011

A Philadelphia man who claims city police officers physically beat him without cause during an incident exactly two years ago has filed an assault and battery complaint against the city and the law enforcement officials involved in the act.

Concert goer files injury claim over incident at promotional venue

By Jon Campisi | Oct 24, 2011

A Philadelphia woman who claims she was injured at a local concert venue has filed a premises liability complaint against the venue owner and concert promoter.

Amtrak conductor knocked unconscious on the job files injury claim

By Jon Campisi | Oct 24, 2011

An Amtrak conductor who claims he was knocked unconscious after stepping foot off a New York to Philadelphia-bound train two years ago to assist departing passengers has filed a civil complaint against his employer in state court.

Broken office chair incident leads to product liability complaint

By Jon Campisi | Oct 24, 2011

A Pennsylvania couple has filed a product liability complaint against a furniture manufacturer, alleging the husband sustained serious and disabling injuries after the office chair on which he sat broke, sending the plaintiff crashing to the ground.

Widow of lung cancer victim files asbestos mass tort claim

By Jon Campisi | Oct 24, 2011

The wife of a Pennsylvania man who died last year from mesothelioma has filed a mass tort claim in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court against companies dealing in the manufacture and distribution of products containing asbestos.

ATRA: Pass Pa. forum-shopping reform

By John O'Brien | Oct 24, 2011

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Legal Newsline) - The American Tort Reform Association is throwing its support behind a Pennsylvania bill that it says will address forum-shopping in personal injury lawsuits.

Family of deceased federal prison inmate awarded $750,000 in wrongful death claim

By Jon Campisi | Oct 25, 2011

The estate of a man who died while incarcerated at a federal detention center in central Pennsylvania has secured a $750,000 settlement in their lawsuit against the U.S. government, lawyers for the family of the deceased man announced late last week.

Federal judge dismisses discrimination lawsuit against Lower Merion School District

By Jon Campisi | Oct 25, 2011

A federal judge in Philadelphia last week dismissed a racial discrimination lawsuit against a wealthy suburban school district, four years after the civil action was first filed by six African American families who alleged bias in class placement.

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