Prisoner pursues wrongful death charge against lawyers, claiming conspiracy

By Carol Ostrow | May 20, 2015


An incarcerated Pennsylvania resident brought allegations against a McLean, Va.-based legal firm alleging misconduct by his attorney(s) at law in 2012.

Tim E. Holz sued Sands Anderson PC; J. Jonathan Schraub, and Sarah A. Bucovetsky in the U.S. District Court Middle District of Pennsylvania on May 7 on allegations of libel in 2012.

The plaintiff claims to have originally filed an action against Gary Maynard, who is the former president of the American Correctional Association Inc., in August 2012. Holz states that this filing was stolen by the FBI. He further alleges that in July 2013, Anderson drafted a libelous demurrer against him; and that said action constituted a conspiracy to murder him.

Holz maintains that on Aug. 14, 2014, he was suffocated by three FBI agents posing as corrections officers. Claiming that CPR revived him, Holz states in a 10-page handwritten document that he was nevertheless unquestionably murdered, and claims wrongful death in this grievance.

Citing violations of due process, infringement of the 5th and 8th amendments, cruel and unusual punishments, libel and murder, the plaintiff seeks punitive damage in the amount of $30 billion. He is self-represented.


U.S. District Court Middle District of Pennsylvania Case 4:15-cv-00886-MWB-SES

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