Wawa faces slip-and-fall lawsuit in parking lot mishap

By Jon Campisi | Jun 8, 2011

A Bristol, Pa. woman who alleges she sustained serious injuries after falling in the parking lot of a local Wawa store is suing the business’s parent company in civil court.

Attorneys Brandon A. Swartz and Bryan M. Ferris, of the Newtown, Pa. law firm of Swartz Culleton, PC, filed the premises liability lawsuit June 7 at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Amtreccia Wilson.

The defendant in the lawsuit is Wawa, Inc., based out of Harrisburg, Pa.

According to the slip-and-fall complaint, Wilson was walking in the parking lot of the Wawa store at 1015 Dekalb Pike in Center Square, Pa. in early July 2010 when she allegedly tripped and fell over a broken handicap sign that had been strewn across the blacktop.

The fall, the suit states, caused Wilson to sustain various injuries, including leg contusions and sprains, lumbar injuries ultimately requiring steroid injections, and aches, pains, mental anxiety and anguish and a shock to her nervous system.

Wilson has had to undergo various medical treatments for her injuries and has experienced a loss in earnings or earning power, the complaint alleges.

As a result of the defendant’s alleged negligence, Wilson has suffered injuries resulting in the “serious and/or permanent loss of use of a bodily function, dismemberment and/or scarring, which may be in full or part cosmetic disfigurements, which are, or may be, permanent, irreparable and severe,” the complaint states.

The lawsuit accuses Wawa of carelessness and negligence in not ensuring that the walkway and parking lot at the store were safe for public access.
Wilson demands judgment against the defendant in an amount in excess of $50,000.

The plaintiff has demanded a jury trial.

The case number is 110600195.

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