A Philadelphia woman who alleges she was injured after tripping over a loose wheelchair hook inside a city bus is suing the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

Philadelphia lawyer Salvatore Larussa, Jr., of the Law Offices of Stephen W. Bruccoleri, filed the personal injury lawsuit against SEPTA July 20 in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

The complaint alleges that the plaintiff, Starlene Green, suffered various physical injuries after she fell on the #9255 SEPTA bus, on which she had been riding July 27, 2009.

The lawsuit states that when the bus approached the intersection of Conshohocken Avenue and 36th Street, Green suddenly and unexpectedly tripped and fell due to a wheelchair hook that had been exposed in the aisle.

As a result of the incident, Green sustained injuries including, but not limited to, lumbo-sacral strain and sprain with myoligamentous injury and right lumbar radiculitis, contusion, sprain and internal derangement of the right knee, strain and sprain of the right groin, and right ankle sprain, “all of which have caused her great pain and suffering in the past and will continue to do so for an indefinite time into the future,” according to the lawsuit.

In addition to her physical injuries, Green has suffered “severe mental anguish and distress,” the suit claims. She has also been prevented from attending to her usual and customary duties, avocations and occupations.

The lawsuit accuses SEPTA of negligence, carelessness and/or tortious conduct for failing to properly inspect, discover and remedy a defective condition that existed on one of his vehicles; failing to warn plaintiff and other riders of the dangerous condition that existed on the bus; and failing to properly supervise, manage and/or control its agents, servants, workmen and/or employees in the administration of their duties with regard to inspecting, discovering and/or warning its passengers of known or reasonably discoverable dangerous conditions existing on or about its vehicles.

The lawsuit claims that Green has had to spend various sums of money on medical care, which included X-rays, surgery, hospitalization and medication.

Green seeks judgment against SEPTA in an amount not in excess of $50,000, plus interest, attorney’s fees, punitive damages and the cost of the suit.

The non-jury matter has been scheduled for arbitration in late March 2012.

The case number is 110701907.

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