A Philadelphia man who alleges he sustained bodily injuries after falling in the parking lot of Philadelphia hospital two years ago is suing the institution in state court.

Philadelphia attorney Edith A. Pearce, of the Pearce Law Firm, filed the premises liability lawsuit Aug. 12 at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Santiago Martinez.

The defendants named in the suit are Temple University Hospital-Episcopal Campus and Temple University Health System, Inc.

According to the complaint, Martinez, a representative of Philadelphia’s Wedge Medical Center, was attending a health program at Temple’s Episcopal Campus, located at 100 E. Lehigh Avenue, back on Dec. 22, 2009, when he fell to the ground outside the building due to an alleged accumulation of snow and ice.

The fall caused Martinez to sustain a left leg sprain and train, disc herniation, left foot bone fracture, left ankle injury, aggravation and/or exacerbation of prior pre-existing conditions, and other injuries, the lawsuit states.

Martinez has also suffered a loss of life’s pleasures, the lawsuit claims, and he has been unable to carry out his usual duties and activities.

Furthermore, Martinez has had to spend “considerable sums of money” on medical care and treatment, the lawsuit claims.

The complaint accuses the defendants of negligence, carelessness and recklessness for allowing a dangerous buildup of snow and ice to exist on its premises. The lawsuit also faults Temple University Hospital for not erecting signs warning Martinez and other visitors of the dangerous condition that existed on the premises.

Martinez demands judgment against the defendants, jointly and/or severally, in a sum in excess of $50,000 plus interest and related costs.

A jury trial has been demanded.

The case number is 110802306.

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