Ambulance company whose workers dropped woman faces personal injury claim

By Jon Campisi | Sep 13, 2011

A Philadelphia woman who attributes a foot amputation to a fall she suffered at the hands of medics is suing the private ambulance firm she claims is responsible for her injuries.

North Wales, Pa. attorney Steven F. Fairlie, of the law firm Fairlie & Lippy, P.C., filed the personal injury lawsuit Sept. 9 at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Helen Brown.

The defendant named in the civil action is Philadelphia-based DNA Ambulance, Inc.

According to the complaint, Brown was being assisted out of her home on the 7100 block of N. Broad Street back on Oct. 20, 2009, by DNA workers when the employees suddenly dropped the plaintiff down her stairs.

The incident caused Brown to suffer various bodily injuries, including multiple broken bones that resulted in the amputation of her foot, the lawsuit claims. Brown continues to suffer physical pain and “severe discomfort,” and may be required to undergo additional surgery in the future.

Furthermore, Brown suffered injuries to her muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nervous system, which have caused her substantial pain and suffering and have caused her the loss of enjoyment of some of life’s pleasures, the suit states.

The lawsuit claims that Brown has had to spend various sums of money on medical expenses and she may be obliged to do the same in the future.

Brown has also been unable to attend to her daily duties and occupations as a result of her fall.

The lawsuit blames the incident, and Brown’s subsequent injuries, on the carelessness and negligence of the DNA workers. The suit faults the ambulance employees for dropping Brown while carrying her down a stairway; failing to properly secure Brown in a chair provided by the defendant prior to carrying her down the stairs; failing to utilize proper and adequate procedures for the moving of plaintiff down the stairway; and failing to hire, “competent and qualified workmen” to perform tasks related to their employment.

Brown demands judgment against the defendants in a sum in excess of $50,000, together with interest, costs of the suit and delay damages.

A jury trial has been demanded.

The case number is 110900561.

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