Peco Energy Co. sued over electrical burns caused by exposed power line

By Jon Campisi | Oct 28, 2011

A man who claims he suffered electrical shocks and burns after coming into contact with an exposed power line has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the public utility in charge of overseeing the line.

Jenkintown, Pa. attorneys Marc A. Weinberg and Richard A. Wolfe, of the firm Saffren & Weinberg, filed the civil claim Oct. 25 at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Philadelphia resident Michael Lee Patterson.

Named as the defendant in the lawsuit is Peco Energy Co.

According to the complaint, Patterson was working at the Buddhist Temple on 20th Street near Washington Avenue in Philadelphia on Sept. 14, 2010, when he suddenly came into contact with the “dangerously exposed power line” that existed at the intersection.

The lawsuit claims that Peco possessed, supervised, maintained, owned and controlled the power line and appurtenant utilities, fixtures and structures at the corner of 20th Street and Washington Avenue.

The suit claims that the “defective, loose, exposed and unsecure” electrical line presented a hazard and danger to those individuals who had occasions to work in the area.

As a result of coming into contact with the power line, Patterson suffered second and third degree burns and injuries to his face, head, neck, torso and extremities, together with severe scarring, damage to his internal organs, emotional distress, damage to his nerves and nervous system, as well as other ills and injuries, many of which are permanent, and all of which have caused him great harm and suffering, have prevented him from attending to his usual duties and occupation, and have caused him to incur bills and expenses related to his medical care, the lawsuit claims.

Patterson has also incurred lost wages and a loss of future earning capacity because of his inability to work due to the incident.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of allowing a dangerous condition to exist in the area, failing to warn the plaintiff and other members of the public of the existence of the loose power line, failing to correct the dangerous condition, failing to properly supervise and instruct its employees in the care and maintenance of the power line, and failing to exercise the degree of care required of a possessor of land in order to protect the Plaintiff and the public at large for personal injuries caused by dangerous and defective conditions.

Patterson demands judgment against the defendant in a sum in excess of $50,000, together with interest and court costs.

An arbitration hearing has not yet been set in the non-jury matter.

The case number is 111003242.

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