A Philadelphia man who alleges he was injured after being roughed up by a city police officer has filed an assault and battery lawsuit against the cop in state court.

Philadelphia attorney Leonard K. Hill filed the complaint Feb. 20 at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Symhere Armstrong.

The defendant named in the lawsuit is Philadelphia Police Officer Christopher Simone.

The lawsuit does not state at which police district Simone works, although the area outlined in the suit is covered by the 9th District.

According to the lawsuit, Armstrong, while at or near Broad and Parrish Streets, was, “without provocation or cause, willfully and maliciously assaulted and battered” by Simone with “great force.”

The suit claims that Simone struck Armstrong, threw him to the ground and shocked him with a Taser device.

“The assault and battery committed by Defendant upon the person of the plaintiff was unprovoked and in no manner whatsoever [was] due to any act or failure to act on the part of the plaintiff,” the lawsuit states.

As a result of the encounter, Armstrong sustained burns and other injuries to his neck, back, head and hands, the lawsuit claims.

Armstrong underwent “great pain,” has had to spend money on medical treatment and has been “hindered and prevented from conducting and transacting his usual affairs and business,” the suit states.

The five-page complaint does not appear to give any other background information or attempt to explain what led up to the altercation between the two men.

Armstrong seeks compensatory and punitive damages not in excess of $50,000.

The case ID number is 120202218.

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