Phila.'s Independence Visitor Center is named in assault and battery complaint

By Jon Campisi | Jun 11, 2012

A Delaware County man and his wife who allege they were assaulted while handcuffed by private security personnel at a party at the Independence Visitor Center in Philadelphia’s historic district have filed a civil complaint against the center, the hired security firm and others in state court.

Attorney Jeffrey S. Simons, of the Philadelphia firm Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, Kaplan, Schaer, Toddy P.C., filed the complaint June 6 at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Drexel Hill, Pa. resident Anthony Holloway and his wife, Takiyah Holloway.

The defendants named in the lawsuit is the Independence Visitor Center, Prodigal Private Security Inc., Clark Investigations and Protection, which is also known as Black Night Recovery Protection, Life Media Films, and Philadelphia residents Juan Clark, Tyrell Montgomery and Grady Jones.

According to the complaint, the Holloways were attending a party hosted by Life Media Films at the Independence Visitor Center back on Aug. 8, 2010, when, without any provocation or cause, Anthony Holloway and his spouse were “violently and brutally assaulted and battered to their heads, necks, faces and other parts” by defendant Montgomery.

The suit claims that the assault, which was unprovoked, occurred while Anthony Holloway was "unlawfully handcuffed" by the security personnel defendants.

The suit claims that as a result of the assault, Holloway suffered malar fracture, maxillary fracture, cognitive impairment and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Anthony Holloway had to have stiches to his lip, surgery to his face and plates and rods implanted in his face and jaw.

His wife, Takiyah, suffered injuries in the melee as well, including a lost tooth and bruised and battered legs, knees, arms and hands, the suit states.

The plaintiffs had to spend various sums of money on medical attention and may be required to do the same in the future, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit contains counts of assault and battery, negligence, and loss of consortium.

The plaintiffs seek damages in excess of $50,000, plus attorney’s fees, litigation costs and other court relief.

The suit does not state the reason why the plaintiffs were allegedly handcuffed and detained by the security personnel during the party they were attending at the time of the alleged incident.


The case ID number is 120600633.

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