A Bucks County man has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a private company and one of its drivers, alleging he sustained various physical injuries after the emergency response vehicle in which he was a passenger became involved in a sharp, violent turn two years ago.

Bensalem, Pa. attorney Marshall E. Kresman filed the civil complaint June 27 at Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court on behalf of Morrisville, Pa. resident Asa Rankins and his wife, Bridget.

The defendants named in the lawsuit are Huntingdon Valley, Pa.-based Med Response Ambulance Inc., Philadelphia-based Urgent Care Ambulance LLC and ambulance driver Marat Bagramyan.

According to the complaint, Asa Rankins became injured back on July 7, 2010, after being thrown from the gurney on which he was lying during an ambulance ride.

The incident was the result of the ambulance experiencing a sharp turn on eastbound Ford Road in Bristol, Pa., the suit states.

The lawsuit claims that the ambulance operator had taken a sudden “violent” left-hand turn onto Route 413, an act that caused the vehicle to jolt, and in turn caused Rankins to be tossed off of the stretcher on which he was riding.

As a result of the accident, the suit claims, Rankins sustained various bodily injuries, including cervical strain and sprain, cervicobrachial syndrome, thoracic strain and sprain, lumbar strain and sprain, bulging discs, a shock to his nervous system and other ills.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of negligence for failing to have their vehicle under control and failing to properly strap, belt or otherwise secure the plaintiff to their transport gurney.

The suit claims that Rankins was forced to expend various sums of money on medical attention relating to the treatment of his injuries.

It also alleges that Rankins’ injuries have prevented him from carrying out his regular duties and occupations.

In addition to the negligence count, the lawsuit also contains of breach of warranty, contract-personal injury protection benefits and loss of consortium.

The breach of warranty count states that the defendants implied and expressly warranted to the plaintiffs that their vehicle was fit to be used as a transport ambulance, with adequate safety devices and equipment, and that their breach resulted in Rankins’ injuries and damages.

For each of the four counts listed in the complaint, the plaintiffs seek $50,000 in damages, in addition to interest and litigation costs.

Arbitration has been scheduled for early next spring.


The case ID number is 120603524. 

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