Arrestee sues Phila. cops for forcibly exposing her breasts in presence of male officers

By Jon Campisi | Jul 26, 2012

A Philadelphia woman is suing two city cops for assault, alleging the officers roughed her

up and humiliated her by stripping her in front of male colleagues at a local police precinct.

Hagar Redmond claims in her civil suit, filed July 23 at Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court by local attorney Alan E. Denenberg, that after she was arrested at her home on July 21, 2010, and transported to the 35th District police station, Officer Rochelle Downing and Officer Wexler, (no first name given), humiliated Redmond by pulling off her blouse, undoing her bra and exposing the woman’s breasts in the presence of male police officers.

Downing then “assaulted and battered” Redmond by “brutally” twisting the plaintiff’s arm behind her back while she was still handcuffed and throwing her to the ground, all the while verbally taunting and abusing Redmond, the complaint alleges.

Officer Wexler, the lawsuit claims, then un-holstered his gun, “cocked it,” and pointed the firearm at Redmond, “thereby intentionally, maliciously and/or recklessly placing the plaintiff in reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm, with force that was not reasonable or necessary under the circumstances.”

As a result of her ordeal, the lawsuit states, Redmond suffered serious personal injuries, including contusions and sprains on her head, spine and shoulder, rotator cuff tendinitis, elbow strain and sprain, knee injuries, arm and hand numbness and tingling, carpel tunnel syndrome, disc bulging and protrusion and other injuries.

Redmond also suffered elevated blood pressure, stress and anxiety and emotional and psychological upset, the suit claims.

The lawsuit contains counts of assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Redmond seeks compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $50,000.

She also demands a trial by jury.


The case ID number is 120702955. 

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