NY woman sues Megabus in Phila. court for injuries sustained during fall from bus stairs

By Jon Campisi | Aug 28, 2012

A New York woman claims in a civil filing that she was seriously injured two summers

A New York woman claims in a civil filing that she was seriously injured two summers

ago while aboard a Philadelphia-bound Megabus.

Linda Harrison, of The Bronx, filed suit in state court in Philadelphia last week against Elizabeth, N.J.-based Megabus Northeast LLC over claims that she suffered a host of physical injuries after falling down a flight of stairs inside the double-decker bus while it was traveling from New York to Philadelphia.

Harrison’s lawsuit claims that the plaintiff was injured after the bus driver had to suddenly brake due to the fact that he was “carelessly and negligently operating the bus by driving erratically in heavy traffic.”

The lawsuit, which was filed by Philadelphia attorney Jeffrey P. Fritz, of the firm Soloff & Zervanos P.C., states that as a result of her Aug. 28, 2010, fall while aboard the vehicle, Harrison sustained disc herniations, leg and ankle injuries, a fractured toe, anxiety and depression.

Harrison ended up having to spend various sums of money on medical attention in an effort to cure her injuries, she has suffered a loss of income due to a need to attend to her injuries and she has been deprived of full participation in her daily activities, the suit states.

The lawsuit accuses the bus company of carelessness and negligence for failing to ensure the driver had the bus under proper control, failing to make sure the driver operated his vehicle in a proper manner and allowing the driver to operate the vehicle at an excessive speed.

Harrison seeks damages in excess of $50,000, plus interest and the costs of the lawsuit.

A jury trial has been demanded.


The case ID number is 120802052. 

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