Phila. law firm and attorney face breach of contract suit by suburban accounting firm

By Jon Campisi | Aug 30, 2012

A Fort Washington, Pa. accounting firm is suing a Philadelphia firm over claims that the defendant has failed to compensate the plaintiff for tax services provided by the plaintiff as part of an oral agreement between the parties.

Lawyer Robert M. Morris filed suit Aug. 24 in state court in Philadelphia on behalf of his client, Robin Kramer & Green LLP, who alleges that the Law Office of Gregory J. Pagano and Pagano himself have failed to pay the plaintiffs for professional accounting and tax preparation services the plaintiff conducted for the defendants.

The parties entered into an oral agreement as to the services back in early January 2008, the lawsuit claims, yet an outstanding bill remains.

“Defendants breached the contract by failing to pay the contract price within terms or at all, despite demand,” the complaint reads.

The complaint contains two counts, one against the law firm and one against Gregory J. Pagano individually.

In the first claim, the suit asserts that Pagano’s firm owes Robin Kramer & Green a sum of $2,826.50, plus interest at the legal rate from and after Nov. 30, 2009.

The breach of contract count against Pagano says the attorney owes the plaintiff $5,526, plus interest at the legal rate from and after April 15, 2009.

The interest rate is 6 percent.

The complaint alleges that the defendants “received and accepted the goods and services” rendered by the plaintiff, and that the “Defendants accepted and retained the benefits under circumstances that would create an inequity if defendants retained the benefits without payment.”

The plaintiff demands total payment in the amount of $8,352.50 plus interest and costs.


The case ID number is 120802605. 

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