More NFL concussion suits filed in MDL docket at U.S. District Court in Phila.

By Jon Campisi | Sep 5, 2012

Twenty-two former professional football players who allege they have been injured by

Twenty-two former professional football players who allege they have been injured by

the NFL’s fraudulent concealment regarding head injuries from on-the-field concussions have joined as plaintiffs in the multi-district players’ concussion injury litigation being handled at the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia.

Attorneys Larry E. Coben, Sol H. Weiss and Julie R. Thompson, of the Philadelphia firm Anapol Schwartz, filed a civil action at the federal venue Aug. 31 on behalf of the former players, who claim, like those who filed suit before them, that the National Football League, for more than four decades, concealed information relating to the risk of head injuries by athletes who play the game.

The litigation alleges that the sports organization knew, or should have known, that a relationship existed between players suffering concussions while on the field, the NFL’s policies concerning tackling methodology, and long-term physical, neurological, mental and cognitive problems, such as headaches, dizziness, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease, impulse control, anger issues, confusion, depression and other neurogenic disorders that many players have experienced.

The litigation claims that the NFL had denied the link in publications, “so-called” medical studies sponsored by the organization, through Congressional testimony and through statements to the media.

“Despite the NFL's knowledge of such dangerous practices and the increased risk of head injury to the players, the NFL turned a blind eye for decades, and allowed the players to be coached, trained and/or motivated to use any and all portions of their helmets to block, tackle, butt, spear, ram and/or injure opposing players with their helmeted heads,” the complaint states.

The litigation claims that the NFL has actively concealed and/or aggressively disputed any causal connection between players’ concussions and brain injury or illness.

The plaintiffs listed in the current case are as follows: Tim Castille, Francis “B.J.” Cohen, Tony Curtis, Will Franklin, Aaron Golliday, Kris Griffin, Greg Hanoian, Dwayne Harper, Reggie Harrell, Jonathan Ingram, Khari Long, Central McClellion, Norman Miller, Kendrick, Mosley, Ryan O’Callaghan, Steven Octavien, David Patterson, Tab Perry, Marcus Price, Keith Rucker, Kevin Sampson and Chris Terry.

The litigation contains counts of fraudulent concealment, civil conspiracy, negligence and medical monitoring.

The multi-district litigation has been consolidated at the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is being overseen by U.S. District Judge Anita Brody.

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