A security company is suing a Northwest Philadelphia school over allegations that the defendant has failed to properly compensate the plaintiff for security services provided to the learning institution.

Tyco Integrated Security alleges in its civil filing that Blair Christian Academy, which is located in the city’s Germantown section, has breached its contract with the plaintiff by failing to remit payment of $32,230.30.

The lawsuit says that the money was supposed to have been paid to the plaintiff for security services provided to the institution for the 2011 and 2012 school years.

Although demand has been made upon the defendant for payment, the school has thus far failed and refused to compensate the security firm as per the terms of the contract.

The plaintiff is asking a state judge to order the school to pay the money allegedly owed to the plaintiff.

The lawsuit was filed at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on March 20.

Tyco Integrated Security, which appears to provide security services nationwide, is being represented by Cherry Hill, N.J. attorneys Andrew Sklar and Lloyd S. Markind.

The other defendant named in the lawsuit is Karen Jenkins, who, according to the Blair Christian Academy website, is one of the school’s co-founders.


The case ID number is 130302937. 

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