Delco man sues commercial contracting co. and driver over injuries from vehicle accident

By Jon Campisi | Jun 5, 2013

A Delaware County man is suing a commercial contracting company and its affiliates over

injuries he claims to have sustained as a result of a motor vehicle accident allegedly caused by the defendants’ combined negligence.

Robert Conneen, who lives in Secane, Pa., claims in his May 30 complaint that he sustained serious and permanent hip and back injuries after a driver working for the defendants plowed into the rear of his vehicle, which was disabled and sitting along the shoulder of Interstate 476.

The accident, which took place at about 6:30 on the morning of June 24, 2011, occurred after the driver of the commercial vehicle, identified as Ridley Park, Pa. resident John Matthews, who is named as a defendant in the suit, collided with the rear and driver’s side of the Conneen vehicle.

The lawsuit doesn’t specify whether or not Robert Conneen had been driving the car he was in at the time, only to state that he was an “occupant” of that vehicle on the day of crash.

Conneen claims in his suit that he sustained physical injuries, experienced pain and suffering, and has been deprived of life’s enjoyment and pleasures as a result of the accident, and that he had to expend large sums of money on medical care required to treat his injuries.

The plaintiff also alleges he has suffered earnings losses due to his inability to work during the period in which he was dealing with his injuries in the aftermath of the motor vehicle collision.

The other defendants named in the complaint are United Tectonics Corporation, United Tectonics Corporation Inc., Unitex, and Skelp Realty LLC, all of which appear to be based out of the same South Chestnut Street address in Downingtown, Chester County.

Matthews is accused of operating a vehicle in a negligent and careless manner, driving at an excessive rate of speed under the circumstances, failing to have his vehicle under proper and adequate control, and failing to give significant notice of the approach of his vehicle.

The other defendants are accused of allowing Matthews to operate his vehicle despite knowledge of mechanical problems existing in the vehicle at the time, hiring Matthews despite knowledge of his alleged lack of experience and requisite skills necessary to operate the defendants’ vehicles, failing to properly train Matthews in the safe and proper operation of commercial vehicles, and failing to properly warn Matthews of known mechanical problems with the vehicle he was driving on that day.

Conneen seeks compensatory damages in excess of $50,000.

Conneen’s wife, Kimberly Conneen, who is listed as a co-plaintiff in the complaint, also seeks $50,000 for lack of consortium, claiming her relationship has been negatively affected because of her husband’s injuries.

The plaintiffs are being represented by Philadelphia lawyers Lee D. Rosenfeld and Matthew Y. Rong, of Messa & Associates, P.C.


The case ID number is 130503282.

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