Archer & Greiner seeks $158K-plus in allegedly unpaid legal fees from Pa. businessman

By Jon Campisi | Dec 17, 2013

The law firm Archer & Greiner has filed a breach of contract claim against

a suburban Philadelphia man claiming the defendant has failed to compensate the plaintiff for services rendered in connection with underlying commercial litigation matters.

The law firm, which is based in Haddonfield, N.J., and has an office in Philadelphia, says that it is owed more than $158,000 from a man identified as Thomas F. Flatley, who has a business address in King of Prussia and a residential address in Schwenksville, Montgomery County.

According to the civil action, lawyers with Archer & Greiner provided professional legal services on the defendant’s behalf in connection with “multiple commercial matters,” which included services performed throughout 2011 and 2012.

During that time, the lawsuit states, Archer & Greiner issued regular invoices to Flatley.

To date, however, the defendant has failed to pay the law firm $158,248.77 the plaintiff contends it is owed, not including an unspecified amount of interest charges.

“As a consequence of Defendant’s failure to pay, Plaintiff has been further harmed by having to incur other substantial costs that it would not have had to incur which include, but are not limited to, those costs associated with the filing of this litigation and additional fees incurred in connection with this effort,” the lawsuit reads.

The complaint says that the two parties entered into one or more agreements, either directly or through the plaintiff’s predecessors, whereby “certain legal services were to be provided in exchange for Defendant’s promise to make payment for same in accordance with the agreed upon terms.”

The lawsuit goes on to say that the law firm performed all of its obligations under its contractual agreements with Flatley, but that the defendant fell behind in paying the invoices issued to him and subsequently began making monthly payments to Archer & Greiner in the amount of $10,000 to be applied against the outstanding balance.

Then, the complaint alleges, Flatley “abruptly terminated all payments to Plaintiff at or about the time that the underlying litigation was settled, despite the substantial balance that remained due and owing.”

The present lawsuit does not offer specific details about the nature of the underlying commercial matters.

The suit asserts that Flatley has breached the material terms and conditions of his agreement with the plaintiff by failing to compensate for the underlying legal work.

In addition to the $158,000-plus the law firm says it is owned, the plaintiff also seeks interest, attorneys’ fees, litigation costs, as well as unspecified compensatory and consequential damages.

The suit was filed by Archer & Greiner attorneys Edward J. Kelleher and Jonathan P. Rardin.


The federal case number is 2:13-cv-07211-LDD.

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