A Philadelphia woman has filed suit against national retail pharmacy chain Walgreens, claiming that in May 2012 she suffered two chipped teeth and other bodily injuries when she tripped over an improperly placed wooden pallet at a store located in Northeast Philadelphia.

Phyllis Goldberg filed suit at the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas on April 28 against the Illinois-based Walgreen Company, saying that the company's negligence over the placement of the pallet and lack of warning to patrons of the obstacle caused her injuries at the Bustleton Avenue store.

According to the complaint, Goldberg was shopping at the store when she walked by the shopping cart area. She says that the placement of the carts and nearby merchandise distracted her attention from the presence of the wooden platform. She also accuses the store of failing to give warning of the pallet or block access to the hazardous area.

Goldberg tripped and stumbled over the pallet, chipping two teeth and injuring her head, back, hand and legs, according to the complaint. She also claims her psychological and psychiatric well-being has also suffered, as well as aggravation to pre-existing conditions.

She further says that the accident will cause her to pay medical expenses and would impact her ability to earn an income.

The plaintiff seeks damages not to exceed $50,000.

She is being represented by Bucks County attorney Brian McVan.

The case ID number is 14043375.

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