A US Airways customer service worker is claiming racial discrimination in a lawsuit at federal court in Philadelphia.

Nicole Banks is seeking compensatory and punitive damages as well as reinstatement of employment and orders granting promotions she applied for and enjoining the defendant from discriminating against her.

In her suit, Banks claims she had worked for US Airways at Philadelphia International Airport since 2006 and during that time had been subjected to a racially hostile workplace.

Among other things, she claims that as an African American, she was assigned to worse shifts and harder assignments and subject to disparate disciplinary practices. She claims racially offensive terms were used to describe parts of the airport where African Americans were assigned, such as "the Ghetto," and "Comton." She also says that managers used the "N-word" at work.

Banks claims she had made complaints about the alleged discrimination, and that in retaliation she was subjected to retaliatory harassment such as false discipline and denial of reasonable accommodation. The suit states that she sufferes chronic pain, breathing issues, high blood pressure, back and shoulder pain and associated conditions, including work related injuries.

Banks is represented by Brian R. Mildenberg of Philadelphia.

Her suit was originally filed in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and removed to federal court on June 25.

Case 2:14-cv-03909-WY

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