A man injured while riding a water slide at Sesame Place in 2011 won a $676,000

judgment from a Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas jury last week.

According to the court documents, the jury found the park 68 percent responsible for the injuries sustained by 25-year-old Onix Agosto when he went down the Bert & Ernie Slip and Slide on Memorial Day 2011. The calculation brought the compensatory damages down from $995,200 to $676,736.

The original complaint says that Agosto wore aqua socks when he started his run on the body flume, which features twists and turns before ending in the pool at the bottom. Agosto claimed that none of the park employees stopped him or instructed him to remove the socks.

While slipping down the slide, Agosto's sock-covered right foot created friction on the tube and eventually got caught, causing a spiral fracture in his ankle. Since the accident, he has required regular, costly medical care and could eventually need an ankle replacement surgery. The injury has also prevented him from maintaining regular employment.

Agosto is represented by Philadelphia personal injury attorney Raymond Bily.

The case ID number is 121004153.

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