Pa. woman sues JC Penney for fall at New Jersey store

By Jim Boyle | Jul 24, 2014

A Philadelphia woman says careless behavior by the staff and management at a New Jersey JC Penney department store caused her to trip and sustain multiple injuries, according to a personal injury suit filed at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Barbara Barberi seeks $50,000 in damages from the JC Penney Corporation, headquartered in Philadelphia, claiming the store's negligence allowed her to stumble over uneven flooring. Her husband, Towfik Barberi, also seeks $50,000 for loss of consortium with his wife.

According to the complaint, Barberi was shopping at the Woodbury branch of the retail chain on Nov. 16, 2011. As she browsed through the aisles, Barberi tripped over an even section of the floor, falling to the ground.

The complaint says Barberi experienced pain and injuries to the back, neck, legs and hands, plus a shock to the nerves and nervous system. She has since been forced to undergo care to heal from and monitor her injuries, causing Barberi to pay for mounting medical expenses. The injuries also diminished Barberi's ability to perform her usual occupational functions, thus decreasing her income earning potential.

JC Penney's alleged negligence includes failing to maintain a safe property, not erecting a barrier or safeguard around the defective section of the floor, and not supervising employees to remedy the floor's hazardous condition.

The plaintiffs are represented by Philadelphia attorney David Brian Rodden.

The case ID number is 140702325.

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