N.J. driver blames PennDOT, Philadelphia for Betsy Ross Bridge accident

By Jim Boyle | Sep 5, 2014

A New Jersey woman says poor upkeep of the roads leading to the Betsy Ross Bridge is the

cause of her injuries from a car accident two years ago, according to a personal injury suit filed at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Lauren Vanderslice, of Medford, N.J., seeks damages up to $50,000 from each of the four defendants, including PennDOT, the City of Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Department of General Services and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She claims that all of the defendants negligently failed to do their parts to ensure the safety of the highway.

According to the complaint, Vanderslice's car was hit by concrete debris while exiting an off-ramp from the Betsy Ross Bridge in Philadelphia on Aug. 23, 2012. Her car then ran into a pothole, the impact causing severe injury to the plaintiff.

The suit says she experienced severe back injuries that could potentially disfigure her and aggravate pre-existing conditions. The complaint says that Vanderslice has felt constant pain and anguish since the accident and has incurred substantial medical expenses while recovering from the incident. The accident has also significantly diminished her potential earning power, making it that much more difficult to cover her growing costs.

The plaintiff is represented by David Kwartler from the Law Offices of Craig Altman.

The case ID number is 140802572.

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