A Connecticut man claims he suffered a concussion and other severe injuries after a slip on

an icy parking lot at a Hazelton, Pa., shipping company.

Andrew Campbell, of Cromwell, Conn., seeks damages in excess of $75,000 on one count of negligence against Romark Logistics, a company that specializes in warehousing and transportation of goods with several locations throughout the United States. The plaintiff's wife, Sandra Campbell, also seeks damages for loss of consortium with her husband.

According to the complaint, Campbell arrived at Romark's Hazelton facility located on Route 924 in Luzerne County on Jan. 5, 2013, around 3:30 p.m. The snowy weather left the area covered in icy conditions, and when Campbell parked his employer's truck, he stepped onto the parking lot and slipped.

The plaintiff's fall to the ground resulted in diagnoses for a concussion, severe head trauma, cognitive defects, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and confusion. His conditions have required Campbell to spend money for medical treatment, while at the same time experience a diminished capacity to earn his regular income.

According to the claim, Romark is responsible for Campbell's injuries by not clearing the ground of snow and ice. The company failed to keep the premises clear of hazardous conditions, the complaint says, and did not warn Campbell of the dangerous state of the parking lot. The area was not properly inspected or maintained by Romark employees, according to the complaint, who failed to provide due care to business invitees.

The plaintiffs are represented by Andrew O'Shea in Philadelphia.

The federal case ID is 2:14-cv-05547-MSG.

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