PHILADELPHIA – A plaintiff suing another party involved in a motor vehicle accident plans to represent himself pro se in further proceedings related to his case.

On May 1, Leonard P. Haberman of Clearfield & Kofsky in Philadelphia motioned to the Court to excuse himself from acting as legal counsel for his client, David Abonyi of Philadelphia.

In his motion, Haberman explained Abonyi expressed a desire to represent himself in the matter moving forward, but that “the reasoning for the decision was protected by attorney-client privilege.”

Abonyi filed suit in August against fellow Philadelphia resident William Schrock over a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Philadelphia on April 6, 2013.

At the intersection of Broad and Pollack Streets, Schrock’s 2007 Chevrolet Equinox collided with Abonyi’s vehicle. Abonyi’s lawsuit claims Schrock was negligent in “speeding, failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to stop and exercising due care.”

Abonyi allegedly suffered sprain and strain of his lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, plus “protrusions, herniations and bulging of his cervical vertebrae.” The injuries caused a loss of earnings, earning power and large medical bills, according to Abonyi’s lawsuit.

A hearing in this matter was scheduled to take place at Philadelphia City Hall in Court chambers on June 10.

The plaintiff is seeking judgment not in excess of arbitration limits, plus interest and court costs in this case.

The defendant is represented by Jonathan Auth of Snyder & Barrett, in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas case 140800009

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