A self-proclaimed Mr. Mom has filed suit against a municipal judge, police officer and others alleging that his civil rights were violated by their actions in regards to litigation involving his wife.

Kevin Dougherty of West Berlin, N.J. filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on Oct. 7 against Tracey Adams Dougherty, Jack Duggan's PHL Inc., Kenneth and Dori Adams, Voorhees Township Municipal Judge Michael Diamond, Voorhees Township Sgt. Anthony Delpalazzo, Deb Bradshaw and Camden County Superior Court seeking remedies for the alleged unlawful handling of his Camden County divorce litigation.

Dougherty, a stay-at-home father, alleges that efforts to obtain the true value of businesses owned by his wife were unlawfully interfered with by the defendants, and that the defendants tried to alienate him from his children and from participating in any family business. The complaint states that Tracey Adams Dougherty was seeking new romantic partners and suggested that Dougherty work at the family owned bars as a manager. Her father, Kenneth Adams, opposed the idea and used his influence to damage Dougherty's reputation, including a "slanderous background check" that falsified that the plaintiff was in a "gangster" relationship, the complaint states.

The plaintiff is seeking $3,000,000 in damages, plus attorney fees and costs of litigation. He is representing himself.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania case number 2:15-CV-5516

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