SCRANTON, Pa. -- A transport company recently sued a Pennsylvania vehicle escort service and one of its drivers for damages caused to an oversized boat being transported on land. 

Hartford Fire Insurance Company, also known as Hurricane Marine Transport, filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania Middle District Court on Oct. 22 against Thomas Tufo and Trinkley's Escort Service, LLC, of Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, alleging their negligence cost Hurricane Marine $100,000 in damages.

Hurricane Marine hired Trinkley's to obtain permits and provide escorts for a large boat being transported along a designated route in Pennsylvania. Hurricane Marine alleged that Tufo, who was driving the lead escort vehicle, diverted from the planned route after missing an exit and failed to inform the driver of the truck transporting the boat that it wouldn't fit beneath an underpass. The boat then hit the underpass, causing damage to the structure as well as the craft. Hurricane Marine alleges negligence and breach of contract against Trinkley and Tufo. 

Hurricane Marine is seeking $100,000 in damages from all parties as well as costs of the suit. Hurricane is represented by Robert Foster in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Middle District Court case number 3:15-cv-02055-UN4

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