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'A tipping point:' Punitive damages question to be decided in pair of Philadelphia Risperdal cases

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia judge’s decree has paved the way for new trials in two Risperdal cases, in order to determine the applicability of punitive damages in those same actions.

Inmate's case thrown out after he allegedly threatens harm to witnesses, Philadelphia judge

By Chandra Lye | Sep 20, 2018

An inmate has had his case tossed out after he allegedly sent a letter saying he intended to harm the witnesses for the defense.

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Trump admin makes use of Medicare law in blunt warning to asbestos lawyers

By Daniel Fisher | Sep 19, 2018

In the Trump administration, at least, the government will no longer look the other way as asbestos lawyers negotiate lenient terms that make it easy for their current clients to get money at the expense of future claimants and federal entitlement programs.

Lawyer thrown off toxic chemical cases had client pay six-figure punishment

By John O'Brien | Sep 19, 2018

More than 30 lawsuits blame Armstrong World Industries, once Lancaster’s largest employer, for exposing workers to chemicals that led to sickness, suffering and death. But they’ve been pursued by a lawyer who, a judge says, “made a mockery of the law” and whose clients are paying, figuratively and literally, for his actions.

Wheelchair-bound woman, Huntingdon Valley lawyer team to file 20 ADA lawsuits in eastern Pennsylvania

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A wheelchair-bound woman has charged a local Sky Zone trampoline park facility with violating the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 for allegedly not providing adequate parking facilities compliant with that federal law, the most recent of her 20 such lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court.

Family of cyclist killed in Center City crash settles claims with sanitation company for more than $6 million

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The family of a young woman killed on her bicycle when she was struck by a sanitation truck in Philadelphia last year has reached a settlement of more than $6 million with the sanitation company.

Shriners resist monitoring of animal handling at circus by Pittsburgh PD

By Takesha Thomas | Sep 14, 2018

PITTSBURGH – The city of Pittsburgh has proposed monitors inspect how the Shrine Circus handles its animals at its scheduled show in September, a proposal that the circus has rejected.

African-American employees sue William Penn School District, alleging discrimination

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 14, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — Two African-American employees are suing the William Penn School District, claiming they were passed over for promotions because of alleged racial and gender discrimination.

Lawsuit: Super Bowl fever had Eagles fan/doctor throwing orange slices in woman's cleavage, making vagina jokes at work

By Nicholas Malfitano and John O'Brien | Sep 13, 2018

MEDIA – A neurologist is accused of being more interested in other parts of the female anatomy, as a Lehigh County woman alleges a bizarre encounter at his office the day after the Philadelphia Eagles booked their Super Bowl ticket included him throwing food in her cleavage and making sexually explicit jokes involving oysters.

Plaintiffs say Diocese of Pittsburgh, Catholic Church officials knew about and concealed child sexual abuse for decades

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 12, 2018

PITTSBURGH – In the wake of the recent release of a state grand jury report on the subject of child sexual abuse at the hands of clergy in Pennsylvania, a Pittsburgh-area man and two former area residents have launched legal action against the Diocese of Pittsburgh, claiming it fraudulently concealed their abuse and that of other victims.

Home Depot worker 'must think all Asian people look the same,' says lawsuit of man accused of theft

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 12, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A case of mistaken identity allegedly led to an Asian plaintiff being assaulted, falsely detained and arrested during his visit to a Home Depot, though counsel for the major hardware store denies such conduct took place.

Philadelphia's Pulse Nightclub sued by patron claiming injuries from beating by security

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 11, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A local man is seeking legal damages and claiming he was assaulted without provocation by the bouncers of a popular Philadelphia nightspot, while counsel for Pulse Nightclub countered there was no basis for those allegations.

'Stop-and-frisk' lawsuit against Philly Police doesn't succeed

By Charmaine Little | Sep 10, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted on Aug. 27 Philadelphia's motion to dismiss in a civil rights lawsuit over an alleged "stop-and-frisk" policy.

Parents of man allegedly killed by Pontiac's defective airbag sue GM and auto dealership

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 7, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The parents of a man allegedly killed by a Pontiac Grand Prix’s defective airbag in a fiery automobile collision nearly two years have filed suit against both manufacturer General Motors and the dealership who sold the car.

Philadelphia's appeal to plaintiffs crosses borders; 41 Dominicans file pesticide lawsuit there

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 5, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Americans from all over the country have traditionally flocked to Philadelphia courts, to the point their plaintiff-friendly reputation has resulted in a “Judicial Hellhole" designation, and now plaintiffs are coming from other countries to seek their day in court.

Disabled rider with service dog sues city bus service for ADA violation

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 4, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A disabled person who uses a service dog is suing Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), citing alleged violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Barista claims he was unlawfully terminated for refusing to sell drugs at coffee shop where he worked

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 3, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – In a recently-filed litigation, a coffee barista claims he was unlawfully terminated when he refused to participate in a drug-dealing operation he says was conducted on his employers’ premises.

Latest Xarelto trial brings sixth consecutive victory for its manufacturers, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer

By Nicholas Malfitano | Aug 31, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Manufacturers of blood-thinning medicine Xarelto have prevailed in a Philadelphia court for the third time and for the sixth time in total, defeating liability claims that the drug caused gastrointestinal bleeding in a plaintiff who was prescribed it.

Ambit Energy settles $9.3 million class action; $1.4M goes to attorneys

By Takesha Thomas | Aug 31, 2018

A Pennsylvania woman settled a class action lawsuit against Ambit Energy in a dispute over fees earlier this month.

A Pittsburgh law firm says its office was damaged by a faulty water hose to its automatic coffee maker

By Nicholas Malfitano | Aug 30, 2018

PITTSBURGH – A prominent law firm in the area of Americans with Disabilities Act-related litigation has itself filed a product liability action, claiming a faulty water supply hose leaked and led to damage to its fifth-floor Pittsburgh business offices.

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