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Protecting accused pedophile priests: A terrible tradition continues in Pennsylvania

By The Pennsylvania Record | Dec 12, 2018

The cover-up persists with the redaction of names of priests accused of sexual abuse in five dioceses

Wrongful death settlement with Broomall nursing home worth $90K

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 11, 2018

MEDIA – A filing in a wrongful death and survival proceeding subsequent to a fatal fall in a Broomall nursing facility asks that a settlement of $90,000 be approved by a Delaware County court.

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Trial lawyers find unusual allies in fight against arbitration: Conservative state treasurers

By Daniel Fisher | Dec 11, 2018

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - Class action lawyers who see arbitration as a mortal threat to their business have found unlikely allies among some of the nation’s most conservative state officials.

Groups don't want Pa. Supreme Court to create Fair Share Act exception for asbestos lawsuits

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 10, 2018

HARRISBURG – Business and legal reform groups are calling on the state Supreme Court to uphold a specific application of a law that governs how defendants split the check when a plaintiff verdict comes in - opposing a so-called "carve-out" that would keep the law from applying to asbestos cases..

Who are the Pa. priests accused of sexual abuse? A 'dangerous' court ruling will keep 19 names secret

By Nicholas Malfitano and John O'Brien | Dec 6, 2018

The state Supreme Court's decision this week to keep private the names of 19 Catholic Church clergy members accused of sexual abuse is both “disappointing” and “dangerous," according to a lawyer who has filed a class action lawsuit over the scandal.

Black man says he was followed by Bloomingdale's staff but loses racial profiling lawsuit

By Charmaine Little | Dec 6, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - A Bloomingdale’s shopper’s claims that the store racially profiled him multiple times fell short in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on Nov. 15.

Pa. Supreme Court: Names of accused are permanently redacted from Catholic Church sexual abuse grand jury report

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 5, 2018

HARRISBURG – The identities of clergy members accused of committing sexual abuse against children and teenagers in August’s state grand jury report detailing such abuse statewide in the Catholic Church will remain redacted, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has decided.

Judge: Woman suing Family Dollar for fall should have watched where she was going

By Charmaine Little | Dec 5, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - A woman’s slip-and-fall case against a Family Dollar didn’t hold up in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania as the court granted the store its motion for summary judgment on Nov. 19.

Philadelphia lands at No. 6 on American Tort Reform Association's annual “Judicial Hellholes” report

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 4, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The City of Brotherly Love may have added its first Super Bowl trophy to its list of accolades this year, but a second distinction Philadelphia received in 2018 was another prominent placement on the American Tort Reform Association’s annual list of “Judicial Hellholes.”

EPA settles with West Chester home improvement company for alleged lead paint violations for $17.5K

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 3, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A West Chester-based home improvement company has been ordered to pay a $17,500 penalty in order to resolve alleged violations of the lead-based paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Amtrak wants to dismiss suit of its conductor who was injured when trying to activate train door override system

By Nicholas Malfitano | Nov 30, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A train conductor injured when forced to access override switches and levers needed to open the train’s doors open has initiated a Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA)-based lawsuit against her employer Amtrak, who believes her claims are precluded through a number of avenues and should be dismissed.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed by widow of man ran over and dragged to death by flatbed trailer truck

By Nicholas Malfitano | Nov 29, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The widow of a man killed when he was run over by a truck in a gas station parking lot, dragged and dismembered is pursuing damages against the entities she argues are responsible for her husband’s tragic death, who are attempting to avail themselves of liability and have the case venue switched.

District court determines Meridian Bank workers properly stated claims in OT class action

By Charmaine Little | Nov 29, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - An amended class action and complaint against a Pennsylvania bank has standing, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania determined as it denied the bank’s motion to dismiss a claim about overtime pay on Nov. 19.

Pennsylvania opioid litigation in chaos as plaintiff lawyers fight over control

By Daniel Fisher | Nov 26, 2018

MEDIA – Opioid litigation in Pennsylvania appears to be in chaos as a prominent law firm has withdrawn from a leadership position on the plaintiff side and unions and the county surrounding the city of Allentown fight efforts to consolidate all lawsuits in a single court.

Scranton School District fights claim that tenured teachers were illegally furloughed

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 26, 2018

SCRANTON - The Board of School Directors of the City of Scranton is asking a court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of tenured teachers who lost their jobs due to budget cuts.

Muslim photographer sues Pa. House's GOP Caucus, claims he was discriminated against and fired

By Nicholas Malfitano | Nov 21, 2018

HARRISBURG – A former employee of the State House of Representatives’ Republican Caucus is suing the body for discrimination, unlawful termination and retaliation, claiming he received prejudicial treatment for his practice of the Islamic faith.

Class action settlement with Pa. home health care company worth $1.6M, with lawyers taking $600K

By Karen Kidd | Nov 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A federal judge has given final approval to a $1.6 million deal to settle a class action against a Pennsylvania-based home health care agency that allegedly used multiple schemes to keep from paying its workers overtime.

Federal judge rules PhilaPort enjoys sovereign immunity in dismissing $45 million lawsuit

By Karen Kidd | Nov 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A federal judge, sua sponte or on his own, has thrown out a New Jersey contractor's breach-of-contract lawsuit against Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PhilaPort) over a cancelled $45 million contract, saying the port authority enjoys sovereign immunity.

A dozen more come forward with lawsuits against Catholic Church over Pennsylvania sexual abuse scandal

By Nicholas Malfitano | Nov 20, 2018

PITTSBURGH – As the fallout from Pennsylvania’s clergy abuse scandal and the state grand jury report continues, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, its Bishop David A. Zubik and Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl are the targets of a dozen new fraud-based lawsuits filed in the previous week.

Litigation funder seeks to compel arbitration with another NFL Concussion Settlement recipient

By Nicholas Malfitano | Nov 20, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A litigation funder who had previously been denied its move to compel arbitration with an ex-pro football player set to receive proceeds from the NFL’s Concussion Litigation, is now taking another kick at that field goal.

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