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N.J. man alleges he was shot and hit by car outside social club, as defense argues punitive damages are barred

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 11, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A New Jersey plaintiff who alleged he was shot and run over outside a Philadelphia social club does not have the lawful ability to make claims for punitive damages, defense counsel asserts.

Philadelphia's Pulse Nightclub sued by patron claiming injuries from beating by security

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 11, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A local man is seeking legal damages and claiming he was assaulted without provocation by the bouncers of a popular Philadelphia nightspot, while counsel for Pulse Nightclub countered there was no basis for those allegations.

'Stop-and-frisk' lawsuit against Philly Police doesn't succeed

By Charmaine Little | Sep 10, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted on Aug. 27 Philadelphia's motion to dismiss in a civil rights lawsuit over an alleged "stop-and-frisk" policy.

Dismissal reached in case of plaintiff who was allegedly physically assaulted at North Philly nightspot

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 10, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The case of a local woman who litigated against a North Philadelphia nightclub for failing to protect her from a verbal and physical assault that caused her injury has been dismissed.

Parent files suit after son was allegedly injured falling off tunnel at Olde City Day School

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 10, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A parent who says her child was injured after falling from a classroom’s indoor tunnel is pursing legal action against the school allegedly responsible for her son’s injuries.

Taiwanese crossbow company sued in Philadelphia over thumb injury says it isn't subject to U.S. jurisdiction

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 10, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Plaintiffs pursuing legal damages in the aftermath of a serious crossbow injury are facing opposition from defense attorneys, who believe the case’s foreign defendant was not properly served or was subject to American jurisdiction.

Lawsuit against Callaway Gardens: Child was hurt in tubing accident

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 7, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A child and her mother are suing Callaway Gardens Resort, Inc. and Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, an outdoor resort, citing alleging negligence after the child allegedly suffered serious injuries in a tubing accident on the water.

Parents of man allegedly killed by Pontiac's defective airbag sue GM and auto dealership

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 7, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The parents of a man allegedly killed by a Pontiac Grand Prix’s defective airbag in a fiery automobile collision nearly two years have filed suit against both manufacturer General Motors and the dealership who sold the car.

Construction site accident victim seeks damages, defendants say case is in wrong venue

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 7, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A man who suffered permanent spinal injuries on a construction site in Devon is seeking damages for those same injuries and for the defendant companies he feels are responsible to be held accountable, as the defendants simultaneously believe that his claims are in the wrong forum.

Case of chemist who allegedly fell at Philadelphia café headed to arbitration

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 7, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A retired chemist who says he suffered facial injuries and broken ribs at a Philadelphia café will participate in an arbitration hearing related to the disposition of his case.

Train engineer who alleged Amtrak violated FELA settles case

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 7, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A New Jersey train engineer who claimed Amtrak violated federal laws by not providing him with a safe work environment before he was injured has settled with the transportation company, according to court records.

Woman sues A&E Realty claiming electric shock injuries from faulty appliance

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 6, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — Darlene Horn filed a complaint on July 26, in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, against A & E Realty Group, alleging that the premises controller failed to ensure that its premises did not present any danger to the public.

Case of temp allegedly maimed in Estee Lauder facility now being contested in federal court

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 6, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A temp worker who claimed to have been maimed by a faulty paper cushioning machine in the shipping facility where she worked is now facing off against Estee Lauder cosmetics in federal court.

ShopRite customer sues, claims she was injured by a roll of plastic bags; Arbitration hearing scheduled

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 6, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – An arbitration session has been slated in the matter of a woman who allegedly suffered a number of serious injuries after being hit by a roll of plastic bags at a ShopRite supermarket in Philadelphia.

Proceedings continue in case of pipefitter who said NJ Transit committed FELA violations

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 6, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The case of a New Jersey Transit train pipefitter who charged his employer with violating the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) when it allegedly permitted conditions which gave him severe shoulder injuries will be heard in a Philadelphia courtroom next year.

Case of woman burned by Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup headed to trial next year

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 5, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A woman who claims to have been burned by a cup of hot coffee she purchased at a North Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts will see her case reach a state-level courtroom next year.

Plaintiff says her broken wrist suffered in a fall outside a Philly McDonald's was the restaurant's fault

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 5, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – An uneven curb outside a McDonald’s restaurant on South Broad Street in Philadelphia allegedly led to a personal injury-related accident and for the plaintiff to file legal action against the entities allegedly responsible.

Philadelphia's appeal to plaintiffs crosses borders; 41 Dominicans file pesticide lawsuit there

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 5, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Americans from all over the country have traditionally flocked to Philadelphia courts, to the point their plaintiff-friendly reputation has resulted in a “Judicial Hellhole" designation, and now plaintiffs are coming from other countries to seek their day in court.

Lawsuit: Finn Bark Blower switched back on, taking four fingers of man using it

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 4, 2018

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania man is suing Finn Corp. and Hard Oak Nursery, alleging breach of warranty, negligence and strict liability.

Woman allegedly assaulted with hot water at church-owned boarding home sues for damages

By Nicholas Malfitano | Sep 3, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A woman allegedly doused with hot water by a fellow resident of a boarding home operated by a local Baptist church has filed litigation against her assailant and the home’s management for her injuries.

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