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Spinal injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder plague McDonald's fall victim, she says

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 25, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A woman alleges she slipped and fell outside a South Philadelphia McDonald’s and has now sued the fast food titan, saying she suffered injuries to her limbs, spine and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lawsuit: Negligence leads to "horror movie-like" pit bull attack on plaintiff's dog

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 25, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A new lawsuit in state court says a plaintiff is reeling psychologically after witnessing the “horror movie-like incident” of his dog allegedly being attacked by two out-of-control pit bulls.

Man claims Chevy Camaro's engine defects caused fatal accident that sent him to prison for 20 years

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 25, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A Bellefonte man alleges in a civil lawsuit that manufacturing defects in a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro automobile he rented from Hertz led to a tragic accident which claimed the lives of two motorists in April 2012, and further led him to receive an erroneous 20-year criminal conviction for vehicular homicide.

Lawsuit: Neighbors' negligence led to elderly woman being savagely attacked by German Shepherd

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – An elderly Philadelphia woman claiming to have been savagely attacked by a neighbor’s German Shepherd dog has sued the dog’s owners, alleging their negligence directly led to the mauling.

SEPTA carpenter alleges faulty fence-installing tool gave him serious hernia injury

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) carpenter has initiated litigation against the entity for violation of the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), claiming a machine it gave him to operate caused him to suffer an inguinal hernia last year.

Man says he suffered severe electric shock injuries from operating Toastmaster coffee maker

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A plaintiff who suffered severe electric shock from operating a Toastmaster coffee pot is suing the manufacturers of the appliance and the store from where he purchased it, among other defendants.

There is now a class certified in case against Progressive over anti-theft discount

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 20, 2018

PHILADELPHIA -- A federal judge granted class certification June 7 to drivers who claim Progressive Specialty Insurance Co. did not give them a state-mandated 10 percent premium discount for having vehicles equipped with passive anti-theft devices.

Lawyers accused of botching litigation over Luzerne Co. Kerr-McGee plant; Class action seeks $619 million

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 20, 2018

SCRANTON – A federal court in Scranton now has jurisdiction over a lawsuit which is seeking more than $619 million for 4,400 residents of Avoca, who were said to be exposed to carcinogenic substances from the Kerr-McGee Corp. wood treatment facility.

Wasted vegetables and lonely dogs: Property owner files lawsuit over CSX derailment in Bedford Co.

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 20, 2018

PITTSBURGH – An August 2017 derailment of a train hauling toxic chemicals in Hyndman has led to a class action lawsuit against CSX Transportation on behalf of the residents allegedly affected by the wreck and subsequent spill.

Save-A-Lot wins slip-and-fall case; Woman said she was too focused on pizza to notice pallets of waters

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 19, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A federal judge has ruled in favor of Save-A-Lot in a slip-and-fall lawsuit filed by a shopper who allegedly tripped over a pallet in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store.

Apartment tenant sues defendants after he says deteriorated wall fell and injured him

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 19, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – An apartment tenant has sued a number of real estate defendants for damages, claiming that a deteriorated wall in the residence where he lived collapsed on and injured him.

Philadelphia busboy says hostess threatened and extorted him for $15, sues restaurant

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 19, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A table busser at a Philadelphia restaurant claims he was threatened and extorted by one of his co-workers, a hostess.

Woman, fired for allegedly using company credit card to buy Uber and Lyft rides, settles ADA claim

By Kyla Asbury | Jun 18, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A lawsuit alleging discrimination and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act was recently dismissed after the parties reached a settlement.

Pennridge School District still facing lawsuit over alleged sexual assault

By Charmaine Little | Jun 18, 2018

Pennridge School District was found responsible for many violations after one of its student suffered harassment on and off school grounds according to court documents filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania recently.

Widow's suit says waste truck driver was exposed to hazardous chemicals that caused fatal brain tumor

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 18, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A surviving widow is suing McCollister Transportation Systems Inc. and various entities, citing alleged negligence and wrongful death.

Allegheny Co. bus driver's quick stop caused back injury, lawsuit says

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 18, 2018

PITTSBURGH — A husband and wife are suing The Port Authority of Allegheny County, a transportation agency, citing alleged negligent entrustment.

Lawsuit: Downed West Penn power line caused brush fire, killed man

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 18, 2018

PITTSBURGH — A mother and daughter are suing West Penn Company, an electric distributor, citing alleged insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and death.

Unbeaten at trial, Bayer and Janssen say cycle of Xarelto lawsuits 'needs to be stopped'

By John O'Brien | Jun 13, 2018

Early returns haven't been positive for plaintiffs attorneys, so Xarelto liability theories have been mutating, defense says

House action possible on bill limiting punitive damages against nursing homes to 2.5 times compensatory award

By John O'Brien | Jun 12, 2018

Legislation that limits punitive damages in verdicts against nursing homes could soon be discussed in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Lawsuit: Customer receives torn rotator cuff and concussion after accident in J.C. Penney's store

By Nicholas Malfitano | Feb 9, 2018

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff who is said to have sustained a torn rotator cuff and concussion after an alleged injurious fall in a J.C. Penney’s department store hair salon, has initiated legal action against the retailer.

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