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Court rules not being able to play catch with son in his final months isn't viable claim for dad hurt in wreck

By Scott Holland | Mar 12, 2019

HARRISBURG — A Pennsylvania appeals panel upheld a personal injury award for a man injured in a car crash who sought increased compensation due to the death of his son.

Supreme Court arguments: Companies in asbestos cases want to pay their 'fair share,' not split verdicts evenly

By Nicholas Malfitano | Mar 7, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – Justices from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania warned of the possibility of “junk science” interjecting its way into product liability lawsuits, if juries were tasked with the specific assignment of defendant damages through the Fair Share Act.

Pennsylvania opioid lawsuits are homeless while trial lawyers take shots at each other

By John O'Brien | Mar 6, 2019

Seven appeals and plenty of in-fighting have Pennsylvania counties behind schedule in their quest to hold dozens of companies liable for the nation's painkiller crisis

Big asbestos case on this week's schedule for state Supreme Court; Will decide if Fair Share Act applies

By Nicholas Malfitano | Mar 5, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – Supreme Court of Pennsylvania arguments arrive in Philadelphia this week, including a hearing of a key case whose connection to the Fair Share Act and its applicability may have far-reaching implications in strict liability cases statewide for many years to come.

Chevron gets access to land for developments, despite owners' attempts to block it with injunction

By Charmaine Little | Feb 26, 2019

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania affirmed a preliminary injunction for Chevron Appalachia LLC on Feb. 8 that allows it to use lessors’ land to develop oil and gas entities.

Court rules City of Philadelphia must accept arbitrator's decision in setting worker's salary

By Charmaine Little | Feb 26, 2019

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania remanded a case back to a lower court after it determined the City of Philadelphia prematurely objected to an arbitration award for an employee’s salary.

Pittsburgh judge cleared to decide fight over $2M in fees between Bruce Carlson, former firm

By Chandra Lye | Feb 4, 2019

PHILADELPHIA -- The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has overturned a district court decision with regards to a fee dispute between an attorney and his former firm.

Commonwealth Court affirms fired worker's eligibility for unemployment compensation

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 23, 2019

HARRISBURG -- A former employee of a drain cleaning company who had his eligibility for unemployment compensation granted by the state had the decision confirmed in court.

West Whiteland sues trash bag company over thickness of product, wins at Commonwealth Court

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 23, 2019

HARRISBURG -- The Commonwealth Court upheld a ruling against a trash bag maker that was found in a breach of contract with a Pennsylvania township.

Commonwealth Court sides with City of Erie in employee's termination

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 22, 2019

HARRISBURG — The case of a former Erie city employee with legal troubles who was terminated from his job and then reinstated through an arbitration award is now a victory for the city.

Superior Court orders arbitration in wrongful death case against Golden Gate nursing home

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 22, 2019

HARRISBURG -- The executor of an estate of a Fayette County woman, who sued a senior care company for her wrongful death, have suffered a loss in court.

The unruly inner child in an asbestos lawyer

By The Pennsylvania Record | Jan 14, 2019

Attorneys in Pennsylvania are claiming the law doesn't apply to them

State Supreme Court reimposes impact fee on frackers

By Tomas Kassahun | Jan 11, 2019

PITTSBURGH - The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has reversed a Commonwealth Court order, imposing a yearly impact fee on producers of natural gas from certain vertical wells.

Pa. civil litigation reform groups, Philly Bar spar over ATRA's 'Judicial Hellholes' report

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 27, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – With Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania once again being featured on the American Tort Reform Association’s annual “Judicial Hellholes” and “Watch List," reactions among civil litigation reform groups and Philadelphia's Bar remain adversarial.

Commonwealth Court rules key portions of 2017 fireworks law unconstitutional

By Karen Kidd | Dec 17, 2018

HARRISBURG — Key portions of a year-old Pennsylvania fireworks law went up in smoke this month when the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled parts of the legislation are unconstitutional.

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