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Superior Court says woman didn't have authority to sign arbitration agreement for father before he died

By Charmaine Little | Apr 30, 2019

HARRISBURG — The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that a woman had the authority in the state to sign an arbitration agreement for her father who later passed away.

Health care group pleased Pennsylvania slowed down effort to erase medical malpractice litigation reform

By John Breslin | Apr 25, 2019

PHILADELPHIA - A Pennsylvania hospitals association is glad that a rulemaking process that would have overturned reforms implemented early this century has slowed.

Commonwealth Court affirms that class action against Philadelphia Sheriff's Office is 'without merit'

By Takesha Thomas | Apr 25, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – The dismissal of a class action lawsuit against the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office stemming from the sheriff's sale of a property was affirmed on April 12.

Wrongful death case against Quest Diagnostics revived in York County

By Takesha Thomas | Apr 23, 2019

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has reversed a trial court ruling involving a medical malpractice suit filed against Quest Diagnostics, granting a motion for reconsideration.

Superior Court backs health care company sued over woman's fall on ice at Lehigh Valley Hospital

By Charmaine Little | Apr 22, 2019

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania backed the granting of a motion for compulsory nonsuit for Crothall Healthcare Inc. on April 9 after it was sued for negligence stemming from a woman’s slip and fall.

Pa. Supreme Court set to consider jurisdiction questions in pelvic mesh litigation

By Nicholas Malfitano | Apr 18, 2019

HARRISBURG – Pelvic mesh litigation in Philadelphia may now be greatly affected by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s choice to examine a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision pivotal to the issue of jurisdiction.

Geisinger Medical Center beats lawsuit over bypass surgery

By Tomas Kassahun | Apr 11, 2019

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently affirmed a trial court’s ruling in favor of Geisinger Community Medical Center (GCMC) in a lawsuit filed by a patient claiming negligence regarding his coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Probation officer loses wrongful termination case; He was golfing on the job

By Nicholas Malfitano | Apr 10, 2019

HARRISBURG – Clarion County was within its rights to fire a Juvenile Probation Officer caught golfing on the job and did not illegally terminate him through reasons of age discrimination, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently decided.

Glen Mills lays off more than 250 as state removes boys from campus in wake of lawsuit, newspaper report

By John Severance | Apr 8, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – An abuse lawsuit filed by two students and their guardian against Glen Mills school is part of a series of events that includes layoffs and the removal of students from the campus.

New lawyer files appeal in Lancaster chemical cases against AWI; Previous lawyer was DQ'd by judge

By John O'Brien | Apr 5, 2019

LANCASTER – The next chapter in long-running Lancaster litigation against Armstrong World Industries will ask whether it was fair for a judge to boot the plaintiffs’ lawyer off of their cases.

Family ejected from Kutztown trailer property has motion to reconsider eviction order denied

By Nicholas Malfitano | Apr 2, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A federal judge has denied a family allegedly and wrongfully ejected from a Kutztown property a motion to reconsider the order which allowed for that same ejection to take place.

Individual defendants to face claims man was pushed at Hollidaysburg Veterans' Center, leading to his death

By Charmaine Little | Mar 28, 2019

HARRISBURG - The estate of a deceased man that sued the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and others over his treatment will be allowed to allege individual negligence on the part of employees of the defendants but will not be able to claim corporate negligence.

Washington Legal Foundation urges Superior Court to stop letting out-of-state plaintiffs sue in Pennsylvania

By John Breslin | Mar 28, 2019

HARRISBURG - Opponents of what is called "forum shopping" are urging the full panel of Pennsylvania's Superior Court to overturn a decision finding that out-of-state plaintiffs can sue any company registered in the state.

Trade practices law applies to oil companies; AG Shapiro can proceed with lawsuit

By Gabriel Neves | Mar 26, 2019

HARRISBURG – State Attorney General Josh Shapiro will be allowed to pursue his lawsuit against oil companies being sued for unfair trade practices.

Court affirms expulsion of special needs student who brought knife to Plymouth Whitemarsh High

By Tomas Kassahun | Mar 25, 2019

PHILADELPHIA — The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has ruled against a special needs student who was expelled for bringing a knife to school.

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