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American Law Institute symposium raises eyebrows

By The Pennsylvania Record | Mar 4, 2019

Eyebrows were raised and speculation prompted when the Philadelphia-based American Law Institute (ALI) announced that one of its symposia discussing the newly-adopted Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance would include a pair of judges in a federal courthouse.

This is a dog of a lawsuit

By The Pennsylvania Record | Feb 25, 2019

Janeen Gismondo fell down in a pet store filled with puppies. When she got up, she and a lawyer went looking for someone to blame.

A world with fewer doctors, more lawyers

By The Pennsylvania Record | Feb 12, 2019

For trial lawyers, the days before a 2002 law addressed health care costs are worth going back to, and the state Supreme Court might be ready to send Pennsylvania back to those dark days.

Finally, a government tired of lawyers who waste its resources

By The Pennsylvania Record | Jan 31, 2019

Trump's DOJ says it spent 1,500 hours reviewing lawsuits that have no chance of success

Suing over hurt feelings

By The Pennsylvania Record | Jan 22, 2019

It hurts to not be wanted, but if you’re picked last for dodgeball or if your crush says no to a date, there are methods for dealing with rejection.

The unruly inner child in an asbestos lawyer

By The Pennsylvania Record | Jan 14, 2019

Attorneys in Pennsylvania are claiming the law doesn't apply to them

Protecting accused pedophile priests: A terrible tradition continues in Pennsylvania

By The Pennsylvania Record | Dec 12, 2018

The cover-up persists with the redaction of names of priests accused of sexual abuse in five dioceses

A reputation is a terrible thing to waste

By The Pennsylvania Record | Nov 19, 2018

The American Law Institute is in danger of losing the influence its members have earned over the past century

A thin-skinned town council in Dauphin County is waging war on free speech

By The Pennsylvania Record | Nov 12, 2018

Government officials in Middletown won't pay the Press & Journal to publish public notices unless the paper stops criticizing them.

'Verdilization': It's how a baby lawsuit is made

By The Pennsylvania Record | Nov 5, 2018

All it takes is one maturing into a headline-grabbing, multimillion-dollar verdict to spawn thousands more like it.

On burned couches and retardant lawsuits

By The Pennsylvania Record | Oct 30, 2018

He blames an apartment fire on his couch for not being fireproof. His landlord says a lit cigarette was the real problem

Where’s the fire? As usual, it’s in Philadelphia’s courthouse

By The Pennsylvania Record | Oct 23, 2018

Plaintiffs from out-of-state continue to seek jackpots in Philadelphia court, and an appeals court sees nothing wrong with that.

This ‘mockery of the law’ in Lancaster is unbelievable, but unfortunately true

By The Pennsylvania Record | Oct 15, 2018

Faith in their lawyer has not paid off for families in Lancaster suing Armstrong World Industries. In fact, he was recently disqualified from representing them.

Little sharks don’t like the Meg

By The Pennsylvania Record | Aug 15, 2018

It appears that the little sharks are jealous of the big sharks. Let them fight it out amongst themselves.

Blindsided by drunk, Eagles fan tries misdirection play by suing the team

By The Pennsylvania Record | Apr 30, 2018

One thing you don't expect to see at professional football games is drunken fans. Wait! That's one thing you do expect to see.

Stop! You're going the long way!

By The Pennsylvania Record | Apr 16, 2018

After four years on the job, counselor Dana Crall was terminated for allegedly falsifying her mileage reimbursement requests. She was subsequently denied unemployment benefits, too.

Do we really want to be a magnet for mass tort cases?

By The Pennsylvania Record | Mar 12, 2018

America may be a mecca for immigrants, but Philadelphia County has become a magnet for mass tort plaintiffs, and the wretched refuse keep coming.

Get ready for a second epidemic, Pennsylvania

By The Pennsylvania Record | Feb 26, 2018

Having already suffered an epidemic of opioid addiction, Pennsylvanians can now anticipate a new epidemic of addiction to opioid lawsuits.

Claims he’s Wiesen, the victim, not Wiesen, the weisenheimer

By The Pennsylvania Record | Jan 24, 2018

What if the same company made lip balm and glue sticks in similar containers and a batch of the latter somehow got mislabeled as the former and distributed to retailers?

Now we know what James Grinestaff's handicap is

By The Pennsylvania Record | Nov 13, 2017

Life is full of hazards. If we’re not completely obtuse, we learn from experience to pay attention, exercise caution and anticipate obstacles and pitfalls.Some of life’s hazards are clearly marked; some aren’t.

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