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State Farm takes construction company to state court for allegedly damaging policyholders' garage

PITTSBURGH – A local construction company is being taken to court for allegedly damaging one of its clients’ properties when removing their garage, and is facing legal action from the homeowners’ insurance company.

Electrical and construction companies battling in court over breached contract

PITTSBURGH – Allegedly broken agreements connected to a Bethel Park construction project are at the center of recently-filed litigation between an electrical company plaintiff and construction company defendants.

Woman claims Erie Indemnity Co., Erie Insurance Exchange charged excessive management fees

PITTSBURGH – A subscriber in a reciprocal insurance exchange alleges she was charged excessive fees and has filed a class action suit.

Property owner seeking outstanding rent and lease payments from Pittsburgh-area OfficeMax

PITTSBURGH – A landlord is seeking tens of thousands of dollars in allegedly-overdue rent and lease payments from office supplies retailer OfficeMax (now known as Office Depot), in connection with a property in Pittsburgh.

Cerro Fabricated Products alleges Freeland man breached confidentiality agreement

SCRANTON – A Virginia manufacturer of component parts used in firearms is seeking to enjoin a Freeland man who left to work for a direct competitor.

Fenner Dunlop Americas allege unfair competition against International Conveyor & Rubber

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh company alleges that a Blairsville business and two former employees misappropriated trade secrets.

California man alleges he was not fully compensated for help with company's cannabis license

PHILADELPHIA – A California man and his limited liability company allege that they were not fully compensated by a New York company and its members for their assistance with a cannabis license.

Pittsburgh consumer claims credit bureaus are reporting accounts that aren't his

PHILADELPHIA – A Pittsburgh man alleges he has been injured by inaccurate information on his credit report.

Former E.L.M. Enterprises Inc. employee alleges he was not compensated for overtime work

PITTSBURGH – A Harmony man alleges that his Zelienople employer failed to pay him for overtime work.

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. alleges it has no obligation to arbitrate dispute with union

JOHNSTOWN – A New Enterprise corporation is seeking declaration from the court regarding a dispute with a retired employee and a labor union.

Souper Bowl flooded; Dispute with insurer follows

PITTSBURGH – A restaurant and tavern which suffered water damage due to a burst pipe believes its insurance carrier failed to cover it for the various damages it sustained in that incident.

Brookline Tobacco Outlet sued over customer's alleged fall

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh tobacco company’s property and its supposedly-dangerous condition led a plaintiff to suffer severe neck, back and other injuries, according to recently-filed litigation.

Senior citizen sues Cheswick facilities over alleged fall

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff suffering from Lewy body dementia says a local Easter Seals facility and a senior citizen transportation organization were negligent in failing to prevent a fall that seriously injured her.

Plaintiff: Giant Eagle supermarket's negligence caused spinal and ankle injuries

PITTSBURGH – A woman who suffered spinal and ankle injuries after an accident at a Pittsburgh supermarket has launched legal action, claiming the store’s condition led to that accident.

Litigation funder spending cash on political candidates like AGs of New York and Pennsylvania


NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – Companies that fund lawsuits can find themselves in the crosshairs of state regulators, and a recent New York Post article revealed that one such business has given tens of thousands of dollars to one of the nation’s most important public officials – who happens to have sued a competing company.

Class action filed against FedLoan Servicing over alleged mismanagement of student loans

HARRISBURG – A Washington, D.C. woman alleges she has suffered financial harm because of the mismanagement of her student loans.

Woman seeks more than $150,000 from Prudential over handling of disability claim

READING – A Lititz woman alleges that her insurance company handled her claim for disability benefits in bad faith.

Former Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency employee files discrimination complaint

HARRISBURG – A Harrisburg woman has filed a suit alleging she was discriminated against by her employer because of her age and disabilities.

D & H Distributing Co. alleged to owe more than $700,000 for products

HARRISBURG – A New Jersey manufacturer and distributor of electronic home-oriented products alleges that a Harrisburg company failed to pay for products it ordered.

Plaintiff says full-body injuries were caused by restaurant's faulty stairwell

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff has launched legal action against a restaurant, its management companies and ownership for its lack of care relating to a stairwell which allegedly injured the plaintiff.