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Shoplifter shocked by Taser gun sues police officers

A Philadelphia woman who claims she sustained injuries after being tasered by police officers and security personnel after she was caught shoplifting from a store has filed a lawsuit against the police officers involved in the incident and the outlet mall where the alleged incident took place.

Philadelphia book publisher files copyright infringement lawsuit against bootlegger

The owner of a self-described mom-and-pop book-publishing outfit in Philadelphia has filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit against a New Jersey man, alleging the defendant fraudulently bootlegged copies of works produced by the plaintiff for personal gain.

Judge dismisses lawsuit filed over Philadelphia's property tax assessment system

A lawsuit that sought to declare Philadelphia’s system for assessing property value in the city illegal and unconstitutional has been dismissed by a city judge.

Bucks County, Pa. worker injured on the job sues Greenlee Textron

A suburban Philadelphia man who claims he became seriously injured after getting struck in the face by a cable-pulling machine at work is suing the product’s manufacturer in state court.

Chester, Pa. police officer who was fired and later got job back sues city and police superiors

A City of Chester, Pa. police officer who was terminated from the force following an off-duty confrontation with another man, but who later got his job back, has filed a federal lawsuit against members of his own department and city leaders, alleging his due process and other constitutional rights were violated when he was fired from his job two years ago.

Pa. couple sues out-of-town landlord for injuries sustained in Philly slip-and-fall incident

A Montgomery County, Pa. couple has filed a personal injury lawsuit against an out-of-state landlord for injuries the wife claims she sustained after slipping on the steps of a Philadelphia building owned by the defendants.

Arrests over cell phone videotaping of police lead to increasing number of lawsuits

With an increasing number of Americans using smartphones, it’s only logical to conclude that the number of people whipping out the devices to video and audio record situations in public would increase.

Ridley Township, Pa. and officers sued over October 2009 incident

A Southeastern, Pa. couple who alleges they were mistreated by members of a local police department is suing the individual officers in federal court.

Pa. man files lawsuit against debt collection agency in federal court

A debt collection agency that purportedly harassed the brother of a man whom the company was apparently attempting to collect a debt from is facing a federal lawsuit alleging that the agency violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Philly man injured while waiting for autograph sues Indianapolis Colts and city hotel

A Philadelphia man who claims he became injured last winter while waiting to obtain an autograph from a professional football player is suing the hotel where the alleged incident occurred.

Woman who got leg caught in SEPTA bus sues transit authority

A city woman who alleges she became injured after her leg got caught between the doors of a public transit bus is suing the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

Pa. man diagnosed with lung cancer files asbestos mass tort claim

A Plymouth Meeting, Pa. couple has filed a mass tort asbestos lawsuit against a number of companies that deal in products containing the fiber, alleging the husband’s lung cancer diagnosis earlier this year was directly related to his work history.

College student who injured herself on broken chair files product liability claim

A Philadelphia college student who alleges she became injured after the classroom chair on which she was sitting crashed to the ground has filed a product liability complaint against the item’s manufacturer.

Former Pa. Superior Court Judge Robert C. Daniels dies at 73

A former Pennsylvania Superior Court judge who once serviced as the chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association has died, according to local media reports.

Gary Barbera car dealership faces wrongful termination complaint

A woman who was formerly employed by a well-known Philadelphia car dealership has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the company, alleging her termination was retaliatory in nature, and not related to her work performance.

Parx Casino faces personal injury claim over hip fracture

A gambler who blames his hip fracture on the negligence of the gaming hall where he sustained his injury has filed a federal personal injury complaint against the casino where the alleged incident took place, as well as its owner.

Lawyers for defendant in civil case with law firm as plaintiff file removal motion

Lawyers for an insurance company facing a civil complaint in state court have filed a Notice of Removal with federal court in Philadelphia, seeking to have the civil action transferred to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Former Amtrak employee sues company over cafeteria slip-and-fall

A Bucks County, Pa. woman who worked for Amtrak and claims she became injured after falling at a worksite cafeteria has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company, also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

Lawyers in Lower Merion School District discrimination case spar in court

Attorneys for a suburban Philadelphia school district accused of placing black students in special education classes in disproportionate numbers as a back-door means of racial discrimination got their say in federal court Tuesday.

Pa. company faces charges of wrongful termination and discrimination in civil complaint

A Delaware County, Pa. woman who claims she was fired from her job of more than four years at a local company has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against her former employer and the superior who she alleges did much of the discriminating.