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Commonwealth tackles 'joint and several liability' reform

After two failed attempts at so-called “joint and several liability” reform, Pennsylvania lawmakers are once again focusing on how damages are awarded in civil litigation.

Contractor sues city over unpaid interest from public works contract

A Huntingdon Valley, Pa. contracting firm that did municipal work three years ago is suing the City of Philadelphia for interest it claims it is owed after the city failed to amend the construction company’s public works contract in a timely manner.

City sued over police department's 'Live Stop' enforcement tactic

Two separate lawsuits were filed against the City of Philadelphia and representatives of the Philadelphia Police Department and Philadelphia Parking Authority over the law enforcement tactic known as “Live Stop.”

SEPTA sued over icy train station stairway

A South Philadelphia man is suing the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority for injuries he sustained after falling on a slippery train station stairwell.

Jury awards $1.87 million in carbon monoxide death

A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury awarded a hefty judgment to the estate of a woman who died from carbon monoxide poisoning four years ago.

Nightclub faces wrongful death lawsuit

The family of a man who was killed in a vehicle collision two years ago has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who hit him, and the bar that they allege oversold the intoxicated driver.

Reglan mass tort claim filed

Attorneys for an Alabama man who alleges he sustained various injuries after taking the drug Reglan have filed a lawsuit against the makers of the drug, which is the subject of widespread litigation nationwide.

Two more denture adhesive cream mass tort claims filed

Two more men who allege they sustained injuries after using dental products have signed on as plaintiffs in the Denture Adhesive Cream Mass Tort Program at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Philadelphia Intl. Airport business faces premises liability lawsuit

A New Jersey man is suing an aviation services firm located at Philadelphia International Airport for injuries he sustained after falling on snow and ice that he alleges had failed to be cleared from the premises.

Philadelphia Housing Authority hit with slip-and-fall suit

The parents of a boy who allegedly fell and injured himself at the city-owned housing complex at which the family once resided is suing the Philadelphia Housing Authority for injuries they say their son suffered as a result of the May 28, 2007 accident.

Connecticut woman files Yaz claim in Philly courts

A Connecticut woman has filed a mass tort claim at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against the makers of the Yaz birth control pill.

City restaurant sued for stairwell incident

A former patron of a Philadelphia restaurant who alleges she sustained serious injuries after falling down the stairs at the business is suing the eatery.

Personal injury suit filed in case of alleged car repossession

A Philadelphia woman is suing a New Jersey car dealership and a man who gifted a vehicle to her for conspiring to steal back the car from her and selling it behind her back.

Patron who choked on plastic in crab cakes sues diner

A Philadelphia diner is being sued by a former patron who alleges she sustained throat lacerations after choking on a piece of plastic that had been cooked into her meal.

PECO Energy Co. is hit with personal injury claim

A Philadelphia woman is suing the PECO Energy Co. for injuries she sustained after coming into contact with loose cable wires while walking the city streets.

Khmer auto repair shop faces personal injury lawsuit

A city auto repair shop is facing a personal injury lawsuit after a former customer filed a complaint alleging employees’ failure to tightly secure a tire led to a vehicle accident.

California woman files denture adhesive cream mass tort suit

A 55-year-old California woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the makers of denture adhesive creams, alleging that her use of certain products led to health ailments.

Jurors reach mixed verdict in asbestos lung cancer trial

A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury found that a company dealing in asbestos did, in fact, deploy products known to be defective and harmful, but was not directly responsible for a deceased man’s lung cancer diagnosis six years ago.

New Yaz lawsuit filed against Bayer by Pa. woman

A Bethlehem, Pa. woman has become one of the latest plaintiffs in a long line of litigants blaming the makers of the Yaz birth control pill for health problems.

Philadelphia School District and city hit with slip-and-fall suit

A Philadelphia woman is suing both the School District of Philadelphia and the city for injuries she sustained after falling on a portion of defective sidewalk in front of a school building.